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If you don’t like rodents, then you certainly don’t want them in your house. Even if you do like mice and rats, you probably still don’t want them inside your home. 

But it doesn’t matter. These pests can still find their way inside. Rodents are very smart and cunning. They can easily get inside small spaces and stay inside a home undetected. It could be a long time before you discover a mouse or rat in your home.

But this begs the question: Why do you have mice and rats in your home or yard in the first place? It’s probably one of two main reasons: food and shelter. Still, there could be other reasons, as the average home provides everything that a rodent needs to survive. Here are some common things that attract mice and rats. 


Who doesn’t like food? All humans and animals need food to survive, and rodents are no exception. They are always in search of food, so if they find an open trash container, crumbs on the floor, or a pie sitting on your windowsill, you can bet they will be all over it. 

While outside, rats will feast on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. Once they move inside your home, they tend to go for food items in storage containers, such as rice, oats, and cereal. They will nibble on containers to get to food. If you have pets, mice will eat dog and cat food as well. 


Like all of us, rats and mice also seek shelter. They want to be comfortable, especially during the cold winter months. Rodents also seek places where they can build best and reproduce.  

That’s why your home is so attractive. Most modern homes have fireplaces and heating systems, so if you’re comfortable, chances are mice or rats will be comfortable in your home too. The problem is that rodents tend to make nests near appliances and other sources of heat, causing electrical issues. 

Open Garbage Cans

An open garbage can is like a buffet to a rat. If you have a garbage can outside, make sure there is a lid on it. Otherwise, you’ll attract rodents, which could cause them to make their way indoors. But don’t neglect the garbage cans inside the home. They should also have lids on them and be emptied regularly. The goal is to keep trash outside and covered, when possible. 

Dripping Pipes and Water

Rats and mice also need hydration. If they can’t find a water source outside, then they may search for it indoors. They’ll look for water in faucets, pipes, pet bowls, and bathrooms. Once rodents find a water source, they’ll stick around, so get rid of standing water and fix any leaky pipes. 


Rodents also like clutter. Clutter-like papers and fabric provide nesting materials so that rodents can stay warm, be sheltered from predators, and have babies. Mice and rats like to make nests in sheds, garages, attics, and basements. If you notice bite marks on papers and other materials in these areas, then you can bet that rodents are using these items already. It’s best to check these areas for clutter and dispose of anything that you don’t need or aren’t using. 

Indoor Plants

Plants can also be an attractant for rodents. Rats and mice like indoor plants, especially those that produce fruits and nuts. Rats often take advantage of large, potted plants, as they provide a safe space indoors. 

Easy Access

Rats and mice can get into your home easily. They don’t need you to open the door nor do they need to be invited. You just need a hole or crack in your home that’s larger than a half-inch. This is enough for a mouse or rat to squeeze through and cause havoc inside your home. 

Mice and rats can also access your home through the roof. They can climb trees and access your attic through a vent or roof soffit. So it may be a good idea to check around the outside of your home for areas that rodents and other pests can get through. 

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