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Termite Defense 101: Strategies For Preventing Infestations In Tampa

drywood termites crawling on wood

Did you know that termites are believed to create several billions of dollars in property damage each year across the U.S.?  Compounding these financial concerns further, the majority of home insurance policies specifically rule out termite-related claims from the scope of coverage.

Termites are often described as “ant-like” insects. These pests chiefly consume cellulose, a principal compound found in wood and various vegetative materials. In Tampa, the primary types of termites found are drywood termites, eastern subterranean termites, and Formosan termites. In 2023, researchers from the University of Florida encountered Asian subterranean termites just south of Tampa.

The PEST Group remains among the leading providers of customized termite control in Tampa. Based on various factors, we will choose the best treatment option for quickly removing termites from your home.

Know The Warning Signs Of A Termite Infestation

What are some of the common indications that homeowners in Tampa might notice when problems with different kinds of termites begin? Drywood termites often form small holes on the external face of floors or furniture and create small piles of “sawdust-like” frass (droppings).

Subterranean termites form thin tunnels or mud tubes that span the distance between their nests and sources of wood above ground. Wood floors often become creaky when walked on as termite damage ensues.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Cause To Your Property

Drywood termites often destroy wood furniture, cabinets, and building materials in homes. Walls and doors often sound hollow when knocked on. Subterranean termites sometimes target structural wooden parts of the structure, which could potentially cause a dangerous collapse.

Five Practical Termite Prevention Tips For Homes

Are you seeking answers regarding how to stop termites from infiltrating wooden structures on your property? Homeowners in Tampa should review the following best practices:

  • Limit attractants by keeping firewood stored away from the exterior of the home and promptly removing fallen trees.

  • Prevent water from damaging wood parts of your home by fixing leaky spigots, garden hoses, and air conditioning units.

  • Ensure that crawl spaces have sufficient ventilation and use dehumidifiers if needed to reduce moisture and humidity.

  • Promptly repair or replace any water-damaged wood.

  • Remember to inspect wooden items that you purchase such as lumber, floorboards, or furniture for any signs of termites.

The aforementioned preventative measures are viable options, yet they are not foolproof. Those experiencing active infestations should contact licensed pest control professionals for help. An experienced local termite company employs a trained staff of professionals that understand the best ways of eradicating these troublesome creatures and know how to keep termites away.

Call The Experts Of Tampa For The Best Termite Prevention And Control

Why should you seek assistance from pest control professionals when facing termite infestations? Tampa-area homeowners typically devote significant time and resources to acquiring, maintaining, and improving their homes. Termites represent a legitimate threat to your investment; therefore, contacting the pros is encouraged.

If you are a property owner with a worsening infestation, promptly speak with The PEST Group regarding a professional termite inspection in Tampa. Our team will carefully assess the situation by looking for any signs of termite activity in hard-to-reach areas of the property including crawl spaces or interior walls. We will address any questions that arise and explain the best course of action for safely expelling these destructive creatures.

Some of the specialized termite control services that we perform include localized treatment options for rather small infestations and fumigation services for more substantial drywood termite infestations. To effectively stop problems with subterranean termites before they start, our team may create a “virtual” barrier of protection around your home. When necessary, our professionals can handle any wood repair and replacement work.

For comprehensive residential termite control services in Tampa, contact our office today.