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How To Control Flies In Your Tampa Home

a fruit fly

Flies are among the most common types of pests that create problems for local home and business owners. Because of their small size and fast rate of movement, flies are also some of the most challenging creatures to keep from entering structures. Some of the most problematic types for homeowners in Tampa include bottle flies, drain flies, fruit flies, and house flies.

If you are tired of swatting at flies inside your home, the best solution involves speaking with a provider of professional fly control near you. Licensed pest control professionals are familiar with the types of flies found in homes and understand the most effective strategies for quickly expelling them from the premises. Additionally, qualified service technicians often identify conditions that exist in or around your home that are attracting flies. The PEST Group has what you need for successful fly control. 

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Flies

What are some of the most common behavioral characteristics associated with the many different types of flies that infiltrate homes in Tampa?

  • Common “house” flies: Once indoors, house flies typically are found near any sources of food. As very strong breeders, house flies may generate offspring all year, although most adults live for only about one month.
  • Bottle flies: In urban environments, the population of bottle flies might exceed that of house flies. Bottle flies often appear in shades of blue or green and are often drawn to sources of light. 
  • Drain flies: Also commonly referred to as moth flies, drain flies are tiny, rarely exceeding 1/8 of an inch long. As adults, they typically have visible hair on their wings and are primarily found in sink drains.
  • Fruit flies: Often called vinegar flies, fruit flies typically thrive in kitchen areas around fruits, vegetables, and beverage containers. Fruit flies generate hundreds of eggs and often become difficult to control around dirty dishes, drains, and trash cans.

The aforementioned list represents only a few of the various types of flies found throughout Tampa. Regardless of the species, getting rid of house flies is best suited for trained pest control experts. A qualified pest management professional understands the importance of treating adult flies and treating their eggs that will soon hatch.

Why Flies In Your Home Can Be Problematic

Are flies dangerous in Tampa? Aside from being a nuisance, flies may pose various health risks.

House flies are equipped with “spongy” mouthparts used for feeding and sources of food. House flies regurgitate their food, which creates tiny spots or flecks. Humans often experience intestinal or digestive problems after consuming contaminated food, such as diarrhea and dysentery.

Factors That Attract Flies To Your House

Are you a property owner in Tampa looking for answers regarding how to stop flies from entering your home? To effectively prevent flies, local homeowners should limit the types of attractants. For example, bags of trash containing food scraps are very attractive to these flying pests; thus, always place them in sealed garbage receptacles that will impede access. Many types of flies are initially attracted to bright lighting and will remain in homes with dirty dishes or other food sources.

Call The Professionals About Total Fly Control For Your Home

What is the best method of quickly eradicating flies? Property owners are encouraged to consult with a qualified pest control professional when dealing with these flying creatures. Having help from the pros is critical, as the population of flies may quickly multiply and become unmanageable. 

With years of industry experience, The PEST Group remains among the leaders in residential fly pest control. Our team of service technicians receives superior initial and ongoing training and has a variety of solutions at their disposal for getting rid of flies. Homeowners in Tampa can contact our office today for assistance.