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What Should I Do About Silverfish In My House In Orange County?

silverfish on paper

Silverfish are tiny pests that can do a lot of damage in little ways. They are common household invaders but are so good at hiding and avoiding contact that infestations can persist for years and grow large before you become aware of the problem. By that time, silverfish may have caused extensive damage all over your home, but in subtle ways. Because of this, though silverfish infestations are often considered to be ‘minor’ infestations that are less important than other, more well-known infestations, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, if you have silverfish in your home, you have a big problem. 

A silverfish infestation in your home can cause big problems. Fortunately, The PEST Group professionals know how to handle silverfish infestations in Orange County. Call us today for help with silverfish.

Why Are Silverfish Called Silverfish?

Silverfish get their name due to the way they look and the way they move. Silverfish are covered with silvery scales, which are obvious under bright lighting. Silverfish also have a distinct side-to-side movement pattern when running, making them look slightly like a fish running. This movement pattern works well with how they look, which is slightly fishlike. They are generally teardrop-shaped, starting large at their heads and tapering towards their tails. They have three distinct whiskers or ‘bristles’ that resemble antennae on their tails.  

Silverfish treatment is a specialty of The PEST Group, and we routinely assist homeowners with silverfish removal. Contact us today.

Are Silverfish Harmful? 

Silverfish in Orange County do not bite or sting, nor do they possess venom. In fact, silverfish will work diligently to avoid any degree of contact with you; once discovered, they will immediately seek to run and hide somewhere else. They are nocturnal in nature, and this helps them in their quest. 

Silverfish can cause a lot of damage in your home, however. They are highly attracted to carbohydrates and don’t care where they get them. While they will readily consume stored food products, they are also well known for going after linens, clothing, furniture, book bindings, wallpaper, and any other products containing the carbohydrates they can find. By feeding on all of these things, silverfish can cause a lot of damage in a lot of little ways. 

Silverfish pest control in Orange County is as easy as getting in touch with The PEST Group. A call to us can get you the results you want and need.

How Do I Get Rid Of Silverfish In My House Fast?

Silverfish are notable for being highly resistant to DIY pest control techniques. You may get some of them, but you won’t get all of them. You can find yourself spending ever-increasing amounts of money only to grow increasingly frustrated by the lack of results. 

Don’t try to go it alone with home pest control in Orange County. Instead, get in touch with The PEST Group. We enjoy a long history of successfully removing silverfish from homes like yours.

How Do I Prevent Silverfish From Coming Back? 

Given that silverfish can be so problematic, here are some ways to decrease your chances of having to deal with silverfish:

  • Seal food: Carefully seal all food stored in your pantry to eliminate an easy meal source for silverfish. 
  • Store clothing and linens: Carefully store clothing and linens in sealed containers to avoid providing silverfish with easy meals. 
  • Reduce moisture: Eliminating moisture reduces the attractiveness of your home to silverfish.
  • Seal your home: Carefully sealing your home can eliminate accessible pathways into your home for silverfish. 

The PEST Group knows how to get rid of silverfish. Contact us today if silverfish have come to visit.

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