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Reliable Pest Control In Orange, CA

Orange is a mid-sized city 32 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Once filled with orchards, it now features thriving businesses. Despite its growth, residents can experience small-town living, exemplified by the Old Towne Orange historic district.

Developments in Orange often replace natural habitats with new structures, forcing animals to relocate. These creatures are attracted to homes and businesses by food and water sources. When they invade buildings, they cause damage and spread pathogens that can make people sick. Orange, CA, pest control professionals can eliminate these infestations.

The PEST Group serves Orange residents with the best pest services in Orange County. Our pest management professionals can treat infestations in your home and provide year-round protection.

Residential Pest Control In Orange

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Tiny insects live in the grass and trees that line Orange streets, invading homes for food, water, and shelter. They squeeze through holes or gaps in your exterior, causing damage and illnesses. Many of these intruders are nocturnal, hiding while you're awake and making them hard to find. Fortunately, home pest control in Orange, CA, can find and remove these creatures.

When The PEST Group arrives at your home, we'll discuss your pest problem and examine affected areas. We'll look for entry points and conditions that might attract different pests. If we find signs of termites, we'll develop a WDO report, treating inside and outside your home to eliminate the intruders.

We'll return to your residence 30 days after our initial treatment and can schedule monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly recurring visits to protect your home. Call us today to schedule a free inspection of your house.

Commercial Pest Control In Orange

Orange is home to businesses of all sizes, helping to make it a thriving city. Pests threaten the safety and production of establishments when they invade facilities. They enter through various entry points, damaging the building and equipment. They can also spread illnesses to employees and customers, making their presence a health concern.

These creatures are hard to find and remove, so you'll need commercial pest control in Orange, CA. At The PEST Group, we'll find the pests in your building and develop the best method for their removal. We start with a free inspection before developing a treatment plan for your interior. Externally, we'll create a barrier to prevent additional infestations.

Since pests are a constant threat, we recommend monthly recurring services, but we can service your facility as frequently as necessary. Contact us to learn more about our commercial services.

How The Experts Protect The Perimeter Of Orange Homes From Termites

Termites live in your soil and construct tunnels called mud tubes to access buildings. They feed on cellulose, including wood and other household items. Since wood is a primary component of many buildings, termites can impact your home's structural stability.

When these pests invade homes, they drill holes to enter the wood and eat it from the inside. Their ability to remain hidden makes these creatures hard to locate. As a result, they can cause considerable damage over months and years. There are things you can do to deter termites from entering your home, such as:

  • Direct water away from your foundation.

  • Repair leaks in your home.

  • Create a barrier between any wooden components on your property and the soil.

  • Remove woodpiles near your house.

These tips can deter most termites from invading your house, but the professionals at The PEST Group can provide a protective barrier. Our pest management professionals will inspect your property to find where these insects are nesting. We'll trench or drill around the perimeter of your structure and apply treatment. We'll also fill voids or hollow spots with foam to prevent infestations and damage.

Our termite control services include a one-year transferable and extendable warranty. Call us to discover how you can benefit from our termite services in Orange.

The Secret To Cockroach Prevention In Orange

Cockroaches create problems for Orange homeowners long before they invade properties. These insects live in unsanitary conditions, carrying pathogens on their bodies. They leave these pathogens on surfaces when they crawl around, leaving them around buildings and possibly causing illnesses to their occupants.

These pests are nocturnal, usually appearing at night. You'll only see them during the day when their hiding spot is overcrowded. Fortunately, there are ways that you can prevent these invasions, including:

  • Seal openings in your exterior.

  • Install mesh screens on vents and drains.

  • Store your garbage in containers with tight lids.

  • Solve moisture problems in your home.

The PEST Group is your local cockroach control expert. Our pest management professionals will inspect your home to find these insects and their hiding places. We use baiting and trapping to remove them and can usually provide same-day treatment. We recommend quarterly services to reinspect your house and reinforce our preventative barrier.

Our one-time treatments include a 30-day warranty, and our quarterly services include callbacks. Let us know if you're concerned about cockroaches around your Orange home.

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