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Hollywood is an idyllic oceanfront city that overlooks the Atlantic. As home to some of Florida’s most appealing coastline, people from all over come to visit the area or make it their year-round home. When in Hollywood, you can enjoy the local spas, golfing or tennis, lots of shops, and top-quality seafood restaurants. There is never a shortage of things to do here, but if you desire, an escape is just moments away, thanks to the local rail or flight availability. 

Living in the area also means encountering environmental and daily factors that can put homeowners and businesses in the direct path of pest invaders. At The PEST Group, we’re here to help you navigate these scenarios with assurance. We make sure that each of our customers is paired with highly qualified, certified technicians who have the most advanced equipment at the ready. As a full-service company, we’re able to address both general and specific pest problems with confidence. To schedule your free inspection, call us today!

Residential Pest Control In Hollywood, FL

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At The PEST Group, it’s our job to help homeowners mitigate their exposure to the potentially harmful pest problems that can develop throughout the year. Our company is staffed with the most highly trained and certified technicians in the industry. We are always up-to-date on best practices and have cutting-edge technology at our disposal. We also incorporate Integrated Pest Management methods into our services to deliver a holistic approach to your pest concerns. 

For general pest problems, we have a quarterly program that provides protection without interruption. These visits entail home inspections and the exact treatments you need, such as creating a residual barrier. In addition to our general pest treatments, we can help you navigate pests such as bed bugs, termites, and rodents when you need us. We also offer the option of one-time home treatments as well if that’s your preference. To learn more about home pest control in Hollywood, FL, give us a call today.

Commercial Pest Control In Hollywood, FL

Operating a business is hard enough as it is, you don’t need to add pest problems to the mix to complicate things. Instead of constantly worrying about the threat of pests or trying to eliminate an infestation on your own, consider partnering with The PEST Group. Our main priority is helping limit your exposure to pest problems in the safest way possible. That’s why we staff only the most well-trained, certified technicians and provide them with the advanced technology that they need to treat your business. 

When you contact us, we’ll begin by getting to understand your needs and concerns through a whole-property evaluation. We utilize the techniques of Integrated Pest Management to determine the nuances of your individual property and gather the knowledge we need to customize your treatment plan. We are a full-service company, so we’re able to address your needs, whether you’re facing termites, bed bugs, spiders, or centipedes. For more information on commercial pest control in Hollywood, FL, call us today.

Why You Shouldn't Try To Treat Cockroaches In Hollywood On Your Own

If you find signs of cockroaches in your home or place of business, it’s best not to try to get rid of them on your own. Trying to crush a cockroach may prove harmful to your well-being, as they can pass along hazardous pathogens through their skin alone. This act may also be futile because cockroaches have rather sturdy constructions. Trying to eliminate cockroaches also puts you in contact with other health problems that can be passed through the air or by accidentally ingesting their droppings. Some of the pathogens that cockroaches spread include E. coli, giardia, and streptococcus. 

DIY methods will likely keep you exposed to these risks longer than intended because of how frequently cockroaches produce offspring. A female cockroach is capable of laying one sac a month for up to ten months, and each sac can contain more than ten eggs. Rather than struggle with roaches, call The PEST Group for cockroach removal today.

What Are These Ants I'm Seeing Around My Hollywood Home?

Are you seeing ants around your home, but you’re not sure what type they are or how to deal with them? Here are some of the Hollywood area’s most common types of ants:

  • Odorous house ant: This type of ant is small and blackish-brown. They are often searching for sweets, which brings them to kitchen garbage and recycling bins. 

  • Carpenter ant: These large black ants are lured to water-damaged wood and may appear to be ants with wings. They burrow inside your property, where they build their colonies. 

  • Pharaoh ant: The pharaoh ant is amber in color and often enters properties through plumbing or HVAC systems. 

  • Crazy ants: These ants are easy to spot because of their jittery, erratic movements. They are also light brown in color. 

If you need help dealing with the ants around your home, The PEST Group can help. We provide routine and one-time services to homeowners for situations just like these. To learn more about our ant control services, call us today.

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