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Fact: Miami Has A Pest Problem

The last thing you want in your Miami home is a roach, rodent, or wood-eating insect. Unfortunately, pest infestations are getting harder and harder to avoid, and letting them run amok in your home could lead to serious repercussions.

At The PEST Group, we believe everyone deserves access to quality, affordable, and effective home pest control solutions. We’ve made it our mission to support homeowners with the highest-quality pest services possible. 

We’ve made it easy to defend your property with a variety of home pest control services. By focusing on the root of the problem and addressing infestations early, we can help you reclaim your property from pests and enjoy a safe and insect-free life. 

Whether you live near Miami Beach or call Little Havana home, you can trust our team of seasoned professionals to keep pests out of your Miami home. No need to take our word for it – just read through a few of our recent reviews.

Let’s Get You Pest-Free

Our Home Pest Control

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Every home in Miami faces a different kind of pest situation. So why shouldn’t pest control for your home be uniquely personalized to you? The PEST Group offers adaptable services designed to meet and exceed your expectations, with every service carefully customized to address the situation you’re facing.

The first step in our pest removal process is to inspect your home and yard. You can schedule a free inspection today to check your whole home for pests. 

Next, we select a treatment option depending on the best solution for your home. Since we use a combination of preventative and immediate treatments, we can get rid of pests and ensure your home stays safe in the future.

Finally, we follow up on our treatments at a pace that works for you. Since we also offer one-time treatments, there are plenty of ways to get the service you need.

Ready to get a home pest solution from our team? Contact The PEST Group today to request a free inspection.

Solutions For Every Insect Invader

Our Additional Home Pest Solutions

Need more than just general residential pest control? The PEST Group has your back. In addition to our programs for common pest invaders, we also offer specialty services for hard-to-manage creatures.

These include:

Wood Repair Service

We repair and replace wood from any infestation so you can feel comfortable in your home.

Localized Termite Treatment

Get rid of termites within a specific area with our highly effective spot treatments.

Fumigation Service

Bed bugs and termites don’t stand a chance against our whole-house fumigation services.

Full Subterranean Perimeter Treatment

Easily defend the outside of your home with a full subterranean perimeter treatment.

Preventative Treatments

Stop potential pests from becoming a problem and feel confident about the safety of your home.

Rodent Trapping and Exclusion

Put a stop to rats and mice and prevent them from coming back.

Escrow Inspection

You can rely on our team to perform an escrow inspection for your next real estate sale.

Cockroach Control

We treat roaches of all kinds, including American and German cockroaches.

Ant Control

Whether you have ants inside or outside your home, The PEST Group can help.

Bed Bug Control

Sleep tight without letting the bed bugs bite with help from The PEST Group.

We Follow Three Easy Steps

Our Home Pest Control Process

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Our primary goal is to meet with you and discuss the problems you’ve been facing. To do this, we inspect the inside and outside of your home for any signs or symptoms of pest activity. We also check entry points, crawl spaces, and eaves for any conducive conditions.

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We develop a solution that’s right for you. This includes home pest control treatments both inside and outside of your home to create a residual barrier against invading pests. Please note we treat on a monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly basis and can adapt our frequency to your expectations.

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If you select a one-time service, you can expect a follow-up at the 30-day mark. If you’re enrolled in one of our ongoing services, we report back at the frequency of your choice. Keep in mind we also offer a pest-free guarantee to retreat between visits if necessary.

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