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Say Goodbye To Bed Bugs: The Effective Control Strategy For Anaheim, CA Homes

a bed bug and larvae

Nobody wants to find bugs in their bed or wake up with bites, but bed bug infestations are all too common. Getting rid of these biting bugs can be difficult without the proper training.

With The PEST Group, you don’t need to worry. Our pest control services in Anaheim, CA will protect your home and family from infestations. Call today to learn more. 

Visual Clues: Identifying Bed Bugs By Appearance

Do you know how to recognize a bed bug? These insects are small, flat, and dark brown. They’re so small, in fact, that you might not see them at all. At just ¼ inch long, bed bugs are technically visible to the naked eye, but you need to be looking for them. Because they’re so hard to see, you should be aware of other signs of bed bugs.

Look for:

  • Blood stains
  • Fecal staining
  • Eggs or eggshells
  • Molted skins

Bed bugs in Anaheim, CA leave behind evidence of their presence; you just have to know what to look for. Check around sleeping areas, especially in seams and corners. Bed bugs will sometimes spread out through a house, so look everywhere. If a space is wide enough for a credit card, it’s wide enough to hide a bed bug. 

Bed Bug Problems: They Aren’t Just Going To Go Away

Bed bug infestations are difficult to treat because these pests hide so well. Any treatment must reach every bug; otherwise, the infestation will bounce back. Bed bugs are also very resilient. You’ll need specialized treatments to kill them.

If your home has bed bugs, you’ll know, even if you can’t find them. Bed bug bites usually appear on the body as small, itchy welts. They’ll sometimes be in clusters or lines. Bed bug infestations can also lead to sleep loss and anxiety. The bites are painless, but dealing with them afterward can be frustrating. 

Professional Bed Bug Control: Call In The Experts Right Away

The PEST Group is the only way to get rid of bed bugs in Anaheim. Our service visits always begin with a conversation and an inspection. We want to hear what you’ve been noticing around your home. After all, you live there—you’ve probably found signs of infestation even if you didn’t know it at the time. Then, a trained technician will look around your home for bed bugs. We need to know where they’re hiding so we can effectively treat the infestation. 

We provide a few options for bed bug treatments. Depending on your situation, we can use a local treatment, a heat treatment, or fumigation. Each of these options will work to remove bed bugs from your home. We offer a 30-day warranty on bed bug treatments. If the bugs return in a month, so will we for a repeat service.

Call The PEST Group today to schedule an initial visit for bed bug control in Anaheim, CA. 

Maintaining A Bed Bug-Free Home: Prevention Strategies

Once we’ve removed bed bugs from your home, you should take precautions to avoid another infestation. It’s especially important to be careful while traveling. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers. Infestations often begin because bed bugs climb onto a suitcase or jacket from an infested hotel room or somebody else’s bag. Always inspect hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs before you settle in. Keep your belongings off of beds, carpets, and soft furniture. Do your best to keep your belongings away from other people’s. When you pick up second-hand items, check them for signs of bed bugs before bringing them home. 

Bed bug control is a team effort. You do your best to avoid infestations, and The PEST Group is here to help. Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Anaheim, CA.

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