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Rodents In Orange County: How To Keep Them From Getting Into Your Home

house mouse in a cupboard

Protecting your home against a rodent invasion is something every homeowner should know how to do. Mice and rats are the common types of home-invading rodents that Orange County residents have to deal with. If either of these creatures are lurking around your home, your health and your home could be in danger. 

Our professionals at The PEST Group know how to overcome all the challenges associated with rodent control. We not only know the best strategies for keeping rodents away from your home, but we also know the most effective rodent extermination methods as well. 

Understanding If You Have A Rodent Problem

If you have rodents in your house, it won’t take long before you see them scurrying around. While they like to use the space behind your walls to travel from point A to point B, they are curious creatures and can’t help but creep out in the open from time to time. If you see small or medium-sized rodents in your home with long, hairless tails, there is a good chance you have a mouse or rat problem. 

Another way to tell if you have a rodent problem is to look for clues. These destructive pests are constantly chewing on something. If rodents have made their way into your home, you will likely see gnaw marks on your walls, food packages, baseboards, and furniture. You are also likely to see rodent droppings that measure anywhere from ? to ¾ of an inch long. 

If you see any of these signs or hear scratching and gnawing sounds coming from your walls or ceiling, have your home inspected by a local rodent control technician immediately. 

Rodent Hotspots: Where They Lurk

Rodents are resourceful and athletic little creatures that can climb, jump, and squeeze their way through various obstacles to get to their destination. When they are in the kitchen or another area of the home with food and water, they will venture out into the open to grab a quick snack. For the rest of the time, they prefer to stay hidden in the shadowy and dark crevices of your home. 

You will most likely find mice nesting behind the walls or attic. They also like to hide underneath refrigerators, washing machines, and other appliances. You will also find them lurking in the corners of cabinets and pantries.

If you find a rodent or its droppings in any of these hotspots, an exterminator for rodents can assess the situation and determine what type of rodent infestation you are dealing with. 

Ongoing Rodent Prevention Strategies For Orange County Homes

To keep rodents away from your property, you will need to take regular proactive steps to ensure they can never come into your home. Some of the best rodent control and prevention solutions include:

  • Ensure that all food is stored in airtight, rodent-proof containers properly. 
  • Don’t place your garbage cans too close to your house. 
  • Empty your indoor trash cans often. 
  • Regularly check the perimeter of your house to ensure there are no gaps or openings.

Rodents are experts at staying out of sight. You might only see them after they come into your home. But if a rodent control expert regularly inspects your home, you can catch an early warning sign and stop the rodents before the infestation becomes too severe. 

Partnering With Professionals: When To Call In The Rodent Experts

Teaming up with the highly skilled professionals at The PEST Group is the easiest way to ensure your home is rodent-free. We provide customized rodent control services in Orange County and can work with you to devise a perfect solution to your rodent problem. 

Give us a call today to schedule an inspection.  

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