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Many love Whittier for its unique charm and fun attractions, such as the quirky Whittier Antique Faire, where you can find a treasure trove of vintage finds. The annual Uptown Whittier Car Show is a classic, and nature lovers will love hiking the breathtaking Turnbull Canyon.

Still, like the rest of California, the area can experience pest intrusions throughout the seasons. If you find it challenging to manage persistent infestations, The PEST Group can help with top-rated pest control in Whittier, CA.

Residential Pest Control In Whittier

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Reliable home pest control in Whittier, CA, is necessary because of year-round pest activity and warm temperatures that encourage infestations. Our homes face constant threats from unwanted guests like rodents and termites that are challenging to eliminate.

At The PEST Group, we use tailored strategies and eco-friendly solutions designed for the area. We will comprehensively tackle virtually all infestations with preventative measures for lasting results. Our pest control plans could be just what you need for year-round peace of mind. Call our trustworthy and dedicated team to learn more about our techniques and pest control philosophy.

Commercial Pest Control In Whittier

At The PEST Group, we go beyond pest identification to address every aspect of keeping your business safe with reliable commercial pest control in Whittier, CA.

After a free facility inspection, we will tailor our strategy to your needs to pinpoint conducive factors and other root causes of pest infestations. We will treat the inside and outside of your property before moving on to monthly follow-ups to minimize invasions and downtime.

We customize our treatments and only work with knowledgeable and certified professionals to ensure guaranteed results. Our clients include many industries, from schools and restaurants to hotels and office buildings. You can count on us to keep your workplace comfortable with top-tier, tailored pest protection. Contact us for a free inspection today.

Is Termite Treatment Right For Your Whittier Home?

Determining if you need professional termite treatments is essential to keep your home safe from these destructive insects.

Watch for sagging or damaged wood. Subterranean and drywood termites, common species in the area, will readily compromise the integrity of your home. Hollow-sounding walls often indicate the presence of drywood termites, while mud tubes along exterior walls are a sign of subterranean termite activity. Additionally, keep an eye out for swarmers or winged termites.

If you suspect either species, call us promptly. A certified termite inspector will assess the infestation and recommend appropriate treatments to prevent extensive damage, eliminate existing colonies, and prevent future intrusions.

Early detection and immediate action are essential for effective termite control. Get started today with an inspection and learn more about our termite control services.

The Secret To Effective Bed Bug Control In Whittier

Preventing bed bug infestations can be challenging. Still, it is possible with proper prevention and professional strategies. Here are some of the most essential steps:

  • Keep your home clean: Regularly vacuum and scour your house, especially around your bed, and anywhere else bed bugs may hide. If you suspect an infestation, wash curtains and clothes at high temperatures.

  • Be vigilant: Check your mattress and bed frame every once in a while for signs of bed bugs, notably reddish-brown insects that can crawl away quickly, tiny white eggs, or dark fecal spots. Early detection can prevent a small problem from escalating.

  • Minimize clutter: This essential strategy will reduce hiding spots for bed bugs. Avoid storing items under your bed and keeping unnecessary boxes or piles of clothes.

  • Be careful with used furniture and clothing: Thoroughly inspect secondhand items before bringing them into your home, especially if you bought them from a thrift store or online marketplace.

Sometimes, even your best efforts to create a hostile environment for bed bugs are not enough. We can help you reduce the risk of infestations with proven strategies.

At The PEST Group, we offer several bed bug treatment options. Local treatments are best for small, room-specific infestations. We will treat baseboards, electrical outlets, and other areas and provide a follow-up within 30 days.

Heat treatments are ideal for broader infestations. We will raise your home's temperature to around 130 degrees to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. Afterward, we will apply a residual spray for top results. Finally, if you're struggling with an extensive infestation, fumigation might be the right choice for you.

Catching a bed bug infestation early on is optimal for fast results. Call The PEST Group experts today to discover the best strategy for your situation.

The PEST Group provides reliable, professional pest control in Whittier that delivers results. Get started today with an inspection and learn about all the reasons why we're one of the area's top-rated companies, including our transparent pricing and guarantees.

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