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Quality Pest Control In West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach is one of Florida’s most desirable communities for both full-time residents and seasonal visitors. There is no shortage of premier shopping, stunning coastline, and five-star restaurants in this area. People also get to enjoy pristine golf courses, boat rides, and countless other opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. West Palm Beach has access to the local international airport as well as the rail, so getting around couldn’t be easier. 

At The PEST Group, we want to help you continue to enjoy your home or operate a successful business. We provide quality pest control in West Palm Beach, FL, that addresses a broad scope of pest problems to help accomplish that goal. Our company stands out among others because of our certified staff, use of the latest technology, and adherence to Integrated Pest Management methods. Combined, this leaves our customers with pest-free properties and complete assurance. To schedule your free inspection and learn more about our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In West Palm Beach, FL

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When you live in West Palm Beach, there are several reasons why pest problems can occur in your home. Sometimes they’re seasonal invaders, while other times they’re due to environmental factors or because of the realities of daily life. Instead of being saddled with persistent pest problems or trying to solve them on your own, consider professional services from The PEST Group. We are a team of certified pest experts who have a vast knowledge of local pests. All of our methods are safe for your family and pets and we are focused on building sustainable results through the Integrated Pest Management approach. 

If you’re concerned about general pests, we will start the process with a free inspection. That will allow us to understand what pests are present, how they’re getting into your home, and where conducive conditions are attracting them. We then deliver a customized treatment plan that follows Integrated Pest Management methods that creates a residual effect on both the interior and exterior foundation. We can provide these services on a one-time basis but also offer them on a recurring one that meets your scheduling needs. For more information on residential pest control, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In West Palm Beach, FL

As a business owner in West Palm Beach, there is a lot that can happen on your property on any given day. Whether you discover a termite infestation in your foundation or see signs of rodents, The PEST Group can help. Our team of pest control experts are all certified, provide prompt and professional service, and have the latest technology at their disposal. All of the work that we provide is customized to your specific needs, so whether you run a restaurant, retail store, or warehouse, we can find the solutions that you need. 

To begin, we’ll provide a scrupulous inspection of your entire property. This will include hard-to-reach areas such as crawl spaces and storage areas. We’ll also check your entire yard and any potential harborage sites. Given this information, we will then formulate a plan for how to best eliminate pests and prevent them from becoming an issue in the future. Your initial treatment will be based on our findings, but with an ongoing service plan, we can adjust our plan to fit your growing needs. These services are backed by our satisfaction guarantee as well. To learn more about our commercial pest control services, please call us today.

The Best Way To Prevent Getting Bed Bugs In West Palm Beach

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that survive anywhere that they have access to people in West Palm Beach. In order to prevent these types of problems in local homes, try the following tips:

  • Be meticulous. Whenever you are out in public, it’s important to look for signs of bed bugs and check your belongings before returning home. 

  • Decorate thoughtfully. One of the most common ways that bed bugs spread is through used furniture items. Always check used couches, mattresses, and appliances for signs of bed bugs and learn about their previous whereabouts. 

  • Work with a pro. The best way to prevent bed bugs is with professional services from a pest expert. 

For more information on bed bug control and prevention, call The PEST Group today.

Warning Signs Cockroaches Leave In West Palm Beach Homes

Cockroaches can be sneaky pests, especially when they enter West Palm Homes. They are nocturnal and usually hide in places that people never check. Here are some of the warning signs that might indicate the presence of a cockroach infestation:

  • An abundance of spiders that prey on cockroaches

  • Cockroaches that are living or dead

  • A strong, foul odor

  • Subtle scratching sounds from inside walls

  • Fecal matter that looks like flecks of dirt

  • Chew marks on food packaging

  • Egg casings

  • Spare body parts or molted skin

  • Nibbled fabrics and books

  • Smear marks on walls and cabinets

  • Increase in allergic reactions and asthma symptoms

For complete cockroach control and elimination, call The PEST Group today.

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