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Coastal regions with lots of sunshine are exactly where pest populations tend to thrive, even more so when those regions are densely populated and highly modernized. To keep pests from putting a damper on your fun in sunny California, you need pest control in Venice that’s proactive and keeps infestations from forming. 

With assistance from The PEST Group, proper protection is simple and affordable. Learn how we can get started today on residential or commercial services that protect against the most serious kinds of pests in California.

Residential Pest Control In Venice

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Pest infestations almost always lead to bigger issues around your home. From the tiniest termite to the largest rat, pests can damage your property and the everyday systems you rely on. They can also cause direct hazards to your health and lead to the spread of other pest problems. 

This is why home pest control in Venice is an important thing to pay attention to. All homes have factors that attract pests, and invasions can happen throughout the year thanks to our mild winters and warm weather. 

The PEST Group is here to make the process of protecting your home simple and affordable. We customize our treatments to match your property and your needs, as well as provide you with ongoing support and education on how you can reduce your risk of pests. We even offer free inspections! 

Get started on proper home protection today by contacting The PEST Group.

Commercial Pest Control In Venice

There are many kinds of pests that threaten local businesses, regardless of whether they are the type of property we tend to think of as being at high risk for infestations. Pests are drawn to properties because of human activity and the byproducts it produces, providing invasive species with all they need to survive. 

Not only can an infestation be a gross problem to deal with, it can hurt your reputation and therefore your business. You also don’t want to have to deal with the property damage that many kinds of pests can lead to. 

To avoid these hidden costs, partner with The PEST Group today to get started on commercial pest control in Venice that protects your investment. Here are the kinds of properties we help stay free of pests: 

  • Hotels and restaurants: The hospitality industry has a high risk for pest infestations and businesses must stake reputations on being pest-free. That’s why we help local hotels and restaurants quickly address pest problems and defend against future invasions. 

  • Warehouses and office buildings: Pests also look for properties with lots of storage spaces and utility systems, like HVAC ducts and sewer drains, which can be found at any warehouse or office complex. 

  • Government properties: We even help public buildings and government properties get rid of pests and keep them out year-round. 

Don’t let your Venice property fall victim to destructive pests; contact The PEST Group today.

What Attracts Termites To Certain Homes In Venice?

Despite no one wanting termites on their property, few homeowners are aware of some of the common factors that might be attracting termites to their yards and homes. To avoid destructive termite infestations, you need to be utilizing every tool available to provide protection. 

This includes things like termite treatments, which ward off invasive colonies and keep them from invading in the first place. But it also includes common sense home maintenance steps that you should be keeping up on throughout the year. 

Here are some of the biggest factors that lead to residential termite problems: 

  • Outdoor wood: Storing wood debris or firewood too close to your home or other wood sources around your property will provide an attractive hotspot for termite activity down the road. 

  • Access points: Few people are in the habit of regularly inspecting their homes for tiny cracks or holes, but these access points can provide termites and other pests with an easy route inside your home. Checking for, and fixing, any faults you find is a wise step to take. 

  • Moisture: Many pests are attracted to moisture and some termite species specifically seek out damp wood. Addressing moisture issues around your property will also reduce your risk of pests. 

Let a trained termite control expert inspect your property and advise you on all the ways you can reduce your risk. Contact The PEST Group today.

How To Stop Rodent Problems In Venice Before They Happen

By the time you’re noticing pests around your property, they’ve probably been hiding there for a lot longer and the evidence of their activity has just built to the point where it’s noticeable. This is especially true of rodents, which are good at hiding within walls or ventilation systems and keeping the evidence of their presence hidden until they’ve established a good base of operations. 

This is why preventive rodent control is better than just reacting to infestations. At The PEST Group, we offer rodent exclusion services and comprehensive treatments for your home or business, methods that actually ward off pest activity and root them out before they can grow to problematic levels. 

Don’t suffer the dangers of a rodent infestation in Venice, contact The PEST Group right away for total protection.

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