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A short trip from downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica is a coastal city on the Pacific Ocean. It features Santa Monica Beach and Palisades Park but is best known for the world-famous Santa Monica Pier. This attraction has restaurants, an amusement park, and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

Santa Monica’s beauty attracts many residents and visitors. Unfortunately, it also provides homes for pests. These critters are attracted to the city’s homes and businesses that provide food and water. They can cause extensive damage, requiring professional Santa Monica, CA, pest control services.

The PEST Group protects Santa Monica residents and nearby communities from the area’s invasive animals. We use the best products and techniques to keep pests away from your property.

Residential Pest Control In Santa Monica

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Santa Monica is one of California’s most well-known beachside cities, providing residents with amazing coastal views. It offers a relaxed home life near the second-largest city in the United States, making it a popular place to live. The area’s pests are one of the few things that can disrupt this lifestyle, causing damage and spreading illnesses in homes.

When pests find entry into your house, you’ll need help from professional home pest control in Santa Monica, CA. Our pest management professionals at The PEST Group will inspect your property to find the creatures and determine how they got inside. We’ll treat the interior and exterior of your home to end your current infestation and prevent future problems.

We offer one-time services with a 30-day follow-up and monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly recurring services. Call us to protect your Santa Monica home from invasive pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Santa Monica

While Santa Monica is only a short drive from Los Angeles, it’s a city in its own right. Hosting nearly 100,000 residents requires various businesses, and this beachside community has a wide variety. These properties offer natural habitats for many pests that might invade buildings for food, water, or shelter.

Commercial facilities offer more resources than residences, so businesses need commercial pest control in Santa Monica, CA. At The PEST Group, our commercial services begin with a free inspection to determine the extent of your problem. We’ll treat areas of concern inside and outside your building and can return monthly or quarterly to keep your facility pest-free.

We include a pest-free guarantee with our services and a Notice of Work outlining what we did during our visit. Contact us for more about our commercial pest services.

Identifying A Bed Bug Infestation In Santa Monica

When bed bugs invade your Santa Monica home, they’ll bite while you sleep, potentially causing anxiety and sleep loss. They infest anywhere people rest and bite softly, enabling them to go back into hiding before you recognize their presence. These habits are troublesome, but how they enter and hide in your home makes them fearsome. 

Bed bugs sneak into your bags or luggage while you travel and hide in hard-to-see places. As a result, you might suffer an infestation without ever seeing them. Fortunately, these creatures leave traces of their existence. Signs that can help you identify a bed bug infestation include:

  • Reddish-brown fecal spots on your sheets

  • Clusters or small lines of red, itchy welts from bites

  • Shell-like remnants on mattresses or couches

  • A musty or sweet odor

Our pest management professionals at The PEST Group will inspect your property to find these insects and treat those areas. We can use spot treatments, heat treatments, or fumigation for bed bug removal, and we’ll return between a week and a month to provide a residual spray.

We include a 30-day guarantee on all bed bug treatments, so we’ll return to re-treat your home for free if the insects resurface. Let us know if you spot signs of bed bugs in your Santa Monica home.

How Rats And Mice Damage Santa Monica Homes

Santa Monica has numerous rodents that invade properties. Some stay in yards, digging holes and eating from gardens. Rats and mice use tiny entry points to enter houses. Most species invade at ground level, but roof rats climb trees to access your roof and attic.

Rats and mice spread illnesses and cause damage when they invade buildings. They can make people sick by biting and leaving their waste around your house. They can also cause significant damage, such as:

  • Make holes in drywall and furniture.

  • Gnaw on electrical wires.

  • Dig into your insulation.

  • Chew holes in heirlooms and documents.

The damage caused by these creatures can result in house fires, increased energy bills, and the loss of paper items. Fortunately, the rat and mouse removal experts at The PEST Group have the tools to eliminate infestations. We’ll inspect your house for rodents and customize a removal plan. We use snap traps and glue boards to catch the intruders and remove them.

Our exclusion services include a warranty if you sign up for our recurring services and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us to handle rats and mice in your Santa Monica home.

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