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Quality Pest Control In Redondo Beach, CA

Redondo Beach is the type of community that is well-known to both locals and visitors. The city’s pier is filled with tasty places to eat, stunning scenery, and one of the top beaches in the area. The rest of Redondo Beach has a similar neighborhood vibe that gives it a laid-back feel. Proximity to the water and a dense population means exposure to pest problems that may include spiders, rodents, or bed bugs. Rather than allowing these infestations to continue or trying to deal with them alone, consider professional help from The PEST Group. 

Our mission is to provide quality pest control in Redondo Beach, CA, that you can trust. Each of our pest management professionals is expertly trained and uses the latest technology to treat your home or place of business. We provide general pest services as well as targeted solutions when you need them. To further protect our customers, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today to schedule your free inspection!

Residential Pest Control In Redondo Beach

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Protecting your household from pests is one of the most important things you can do, but it’s also one of the most challenging. Having nearly undetectable cracks in your foundation can leave you exposed to potential invaders, as can activities as simple as going to the grocery store or to work. At The PEST Group, we provide home pest control in Redondo Beach, CA, that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team of pest management professionals utilizes cutting-edge technology and pet-friendly products when tending to the most sensitive of pest problems. 

We offer the option of one-time visits as well as recurring general pest control to best meet your needs. If you’re facing specific pests such as bed bugs, termites, or cockroaches, we provide services for them as well. Our services are all informed by detailed property inspections and include both interior and exterior treatments that will flush out pests and create a barrier against new issues. Call us today for more information!

Commercial Pest Control In Redondo Beach

When it comes to having complete assurance in creating a pest-free property, The PEST Group is the team to call. Our commercial pest control in Redondo Beach, CA, is always customized to your needs to help achieve the best results. The pest management professionals that you’ll work with are exceptionally trained and always helpful. We equip them with the safest proven products and the latest technology. Our company is also transparent about pricing and can work within your budget. 

We work across industries and service schools, hotels, office buildings, and much more. All of the services that we provide are in accordance with the requirements and specifications of your industry. Many of our customers are enrolled in our monthly general pest control program because it provides uninterrupted comprehensive protection from an array of potential invaders. But if you need help with something specific, such as a termite population, we offer targeted services for many pests as well. Call us today for more information!

Wood Repair Services In Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach properties are more vulnerable to wood-destroying organisms than people may think. The amount of moisture that the local environment produces can create problems for wooden structures, as can leaks and issues with plumbing. Invaders such as termites can cause significant amounts of damage because they will not stop eating away at wood once they’ve gotten started. When homeowners and businesses need a solution to rectify these problems, The PEST Group can help. 

Our wood repair services are designed to make properties even better than they were before. All of our work is informed by comprehensive property inspections that will help us to understand the scope of damage. From there, we remove and replace all damaged wood; we can even perform color matches to paint. And of course, this service comes with a total satisfaction guarantee. For more information, call us today!

Why Rodent Problems In Redondo Beach Need Professional Exclusion

When it comes to keeping Redondo Beach properties free from rodents, the best solution is professional exclusion. Some of the benefits of this service include:

  • The ability to close off the smallest of openings with confidence

  • Prevention of future rodent infestations by cutting off their access to sustenance

  • Protection from potential health risks that rodents can spread, such as hantavirus and tularemia

  • Usage of the highest quality products that are safe for people and pets, too

  • Assurance that comes with extensive training and certifications

At The PEST Group, we perform detailed inspections to locate the exact entry points that rodents may use to their advantage. Once we have the information we need, we’ll set up bait stations that use the food that rodents have been eating. We also seal off the entry points using rodent-proof materials once we’ve been able to draw out active rodents. And with ongoing monitoring, we can keep rodents from returning. For more information on rodent exclusion, call us today. 

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