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Tailored Pest Control In Pomona, CA

Pomona is an eclectic city that is home to educational institutions, countless museums and cultural hubs, and an array of industries. Living in Pomona affords residents access to bike paths, excellent eateries, and hikes like Mt Baldy. Because of good public schools, diverse neighborhoods, and access to both Los Angeles and San Bernardino, Pomona attracts working professionals and families alike. 

At The PEST Group, we know that your home or place of business can fall victim to pest problems whether you try to prevent them or not. We also know what a challenge dealing with them can be, which is why we provide tailored pest control in Pomona, CA, to all of our customers. We are a team of trained and certified pest experts who have more than 250 years of combined experience between us. Each of our services is based on Integrated Pest Management methods and we always provide honest pricing. To schedule your free inspection, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Pomona, CA


When you live in Pomona, you may encounter pest problems such as rodents, termites, and spiders. Rather than allow these problems to fester or try to deal with them on your own, consider professional treatments from The PEST Group. We are the local pest experts who are fully certified, prioritize quick and honest communication, and offer fair pricing. Our services are based on the methods of Integrated Pest Management. This standard allows us to be as environmentally conscious as possible while delivering sustainable solutions. 

If it’s general pests that you’re concerned with, then we’ll start with a free whole-home inspection. We use this opportunity to look for pest activity, signs of damage, conducive conditions, and access points. This information allows us to make the guide for the interior and exterior treatments that we’ll make. We can offer this as a one-time service or on an ongoing basis depending on your needs. You can also benefit from our targeted services for pests such as termites. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them! To learn more about our residential pest control offerings, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Pomona, CA

When pests can invade your Pomona business at any time, you need the protection of the professional team at The PEST Group. Our company is locally owned and fully certified, so you can always expect technicians that are extremely well-versed in all of the pest problems you could face. Each customer receives a custom service plan that is built around the Integrated Pest Management approach, which looks to deliver long-term relief from pests. 

Our services begin with a free comprehensive inspection where we look at both the inside and outside of your property. This will allow us the chance to understand the conditions that could lead to pest problems, what pests are actually active, and to what extent. We’ll also have a conversation with you about the activity that you’ve noticed and any other information that might be pertinent to our ability to customize your treatments. Your first treatment will include the interior and exterior of your property. From there, we’ll either come to treat your business on a monthly or quarterly basis. And no matter what, you can expect a pest-free guarantee. To learn more about our commercial pest control services and how they protect your business, call us today.

Why Pomona Homeowners With Pest Problems Love Fumigation Services

Pomona homeowners are big fans of fumigation services and with good reason. One of the biggest benefits of this service is that it is able to completely eliminate all termites or bed bugs that may have stemmed from a very stubborn infestation. Because fumigation requires tenting a home, it is able to reach all of the nooks and crannies where these pests hide. In addition to the efficacy of fumigation treatments, homeowners prefer this option because it is time-conscious and only requires a few days. After that, additional treatments are often not required, so the investment of time is minimal. It’s a no-fuss service that homeowners are not around for and that yields maximum benefits. For more information on fumigation services, call The PEST Group today.

How The Experts Remove Rodents From Pomona Homes

Rodents are sneaky pests that will invade Pomona homes with the help of any crack or crevice that they find. Once they start to make themselves at home, rodents have the ability to reproduce very quickly and they live in places such as crawl spaces and the insides of walls. Additionally, their nocturnal nature means that many homeowners may never actually see them, just the results of their presence. A pest control professional is going to have the proper training and equipment that is necessary to not only remove rodents but also to prevent future infestations. 

At The PEST Group, we combine detailed property inspections with the use of trapping, glue boards, bait stations, and exclusion. These methods allow us to focus on the entire population of an infestation with products that are also safe for the entire family. For more information on rodent control, call us today.

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