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Keeping your property maintained is all about accounting for the many problems that can arise over the years you hope to occupy that property. Pests are one of these problems, and they can lead to costly repairs and even health problems. 

Protecting your home or business from these threats is our business at The PEST Group. Whether you already have pest problems or want to make sure you’re truly protected from them in the future, we’re here to help with pest control in Pasadena that’s the best around.

Residential Pest Control In Pasadena

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Even if you keep your home clean, pests can still invade and are still attracted by factors found in every home. The reason we call them pests is that there is a wide variety of species that survive off of the byproducts of modern society. Whether that’s the food we eat and throw away or the simple shelter that our homes provide, pests will invade any home for the resources they can find there. 

This is why home pest control in Pasadena is a matter of great importance, and why you shouldn’t wait for pests to be apparent before you get started on securing your property. At The PEST Group, we help local homeowners avoid infestations with a comprehensive and holistic approach: 

  • Inspection: We begin with an inspection of your property, which helps us not only identify the pest problem but also where it’s originating and what factors around your home may be increasing your risk. 

  • Treatment: We use interior and exterior treatments that build up residual protection, meaning we’re not just treating existing pests but also protecting against future ones. We also provide ongoing treatment plans to ensure this protection never fades. 

  • 30-day follow-up: We’ll always check back with our customers a few weeks after the service to make sure they’re completely satisfied with the results of our treatment. 

To get started on overall pest protection in Pasadena, contact The PEST GROUP today.

Commercial Pest Control In Pasadena

It can be difficult to run a business and stay up on all the maintenance that’s required to keep your property running in peak condition. The same can be true of commercial pest control, which requires an ongoing approach and treatments that protect against the widest range of invasive pests possible. 

But with help from The PEST Group, commercial pest control in Pasadena is easy and affordable. We prioritize fast and flexible scheduling, working around your already busy schedule to address your pest problems quickly. We also partner with local businesses for annual, seasonal, and monthly pest control plans that ensure regular inspections and treatments are being conducted. 

This well-rounded approach is the best way to keep your local business humming along and staying safe from pests and the damage they cause. Contact The PEST Group to get started today.

All The Pests That Fumigation Can Treat

The concept of fumigating your home and business can be daunting to those who don’t know about the process. While it’s one of the most intensive forms of pest treatment available, it doesn’t have to be scary or all that difficult for your and your daily routine. And some pest populations can only be eliminated by this method.

The PEST Group is here to dispel your worries and assure you that our fumigation services are safe and effective. Here are the main pests we use fumigation to treat, and some other services we provide:

  • Termites: Because termites destroy wood, they often spread throughout entire structures by getting inside walls. The reason why fumigation is sometimes necessary is because it allows the treatment to permeate throughout an entire building and eliminate the whole infestation. 

  • Bed bugs: Despite what their name may make you assume, bed bugs can actually spread throughout a structure, too. The only way to ensure every bug and egg is eliminated and that the problem won’t come right back is with fumigation. 

  • Other services: We provide other services that complement our fumigation services and ensure that tenting is absolutely necessary, including our wood replacement program and WDO inspections to check for other sources of destruction, like mold and mildew. 

Contact The PEST Group today to learn if fumigation is right for you.

Mistakes Pasadena Homeowners Make To Attract Ants

Even though every home has a risk of pests, especially tiny ants that can slip through any potential access point, there are also some things homeowners do to increase their risk of infestation without realizing it. 

There are some obvious things you should do, like deep cleaning your home to address crumbs and spills and making sure your trash cans are inaccessible to scavenging pests. And then there are more in-depth home maintenance style steps, like addressing moisture buildup and sealing up cracks or holes around your home’s exterior. 

To make sure you’re doing all this as comprehensively as possible, turn to the ant control experts at The PEST Group for an inspection and consultation. We can help educate you on the ways your home may be vulnerable, as well as equip you with treatments that keep ants and many other pests out. 

For ant control in Pasadena, contact The PEST Group today.

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