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Reliable Pest Control In North Hollywood, CA

North Hollywood is a bustling community in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. Its NoHo Arts District provides live theater, and Griffith Park is on its eastern edge. Downtown Los Angeles is accessible from the local metro station for more entertainment and activities.

Like most of the area, North Hollywood has a dense population. Even though wooded areas and waterways are few and far between, pests live in the community. They invade homes and businesses for food and water, causing problems for residents. These creatures can be dangerous, so North Hollywood, CA, pest control professionals should handle your infestation.

The PEST Group protects North Hollywood residents and businesses from the animals that invade properties. Our pest management professionals use the most effective methods to keep your property pest-free.

Residential Pest Control In North Hollywood

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North Hollywood is densely populated, but that doesn’t mean its residents avoid pests. Invasive insects live in the community and infest homes for food, water, and shelter. Some creatures are only annoyances, but others cause damage or spread illnesses. The only way to eliminate these infestations and prevent future problems is home pest control in North Hollywood, CA.

The PEST Group provides the best pest services for North Hollywood residents. We start with a thorough inspection to find pests, entry points, and attractants. Our general treatment includes building a residual foundation inside your home and a barrier around your exterior.

Our one-time treatments include a 30-day follow-up, and we can return monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly for year-round protection. Call us for a free inspection of your house.

Commercial Pest Control In North Hollywood

A highly-populated area like North Hollywood requires many businesses to serve residents. The pests that reside in the community use tiny entry points to enter these facilities for food, water, and shelter. Since they start causing damage and spreading pathogens soon after arriving, every business requires commercial pest control in North Hollywood, CA.

Our commercial services at The PEST Group begin with a free inspection. During our first visit, we’ll provide interior and exterior treatments. It’s easier to prevent than eliminate infestations, so we recommend monthly or quarterly recurring services.

Pests are among the biggest threats to the success of your business. Contact us to keep these intruders away from your North Hollywood facility.

Why Every North Hollywood Home Needs Protection From Termites

Several pests in North Hollywood invade local residences, but few are as troublesome as termites. Wood is a component of many homes, providing food for them. They remain hidden while on your property, so you might not recognize an infestation until they’ve caused substantial damage.

Since seeing these insects is rare, they might not be at the front of your mind. But they’ll slowly eat away at the wood in your house, causing structural problems over months and years. Keeping these creatures out of your building is the most effective way to protect your home. Signs that termites have infested your North Hollywood property include:

  • Mud tubes leading up your foundation

  • Hollow-sounding wood

  • Small, round holes in your wood

  • Piles of sawdust-like material

At The PEST Group, we provide North Hollywood termite treatments to protect your house. We’ll inspect the inside and outside of your property for signs of activity and conducive conditions. We’ll create an impenetrable barrier around your wood and use environmentally-friendly products to keep these pests away.

Our termite prevention service includes a one-year transferable warranty. Call us to protect your North Hollywood home from these destructive pests.

Five Effective Tips For Ant Prevention In North Hollywood

Many pests that invade North Hollywood homes remain hidden. They find hiding spots behind walls or in seldom-used spaces and only come out at night. Ants are tiny insects you’re likely to see during the day. They invade homes through holes or cracks in your exterior and form long lines to find food and water for their colonies.

Some invasive ants are no more than nuisances, but others can damage your structure and present health concerns. Keeping all ants out of your house will ensure you don’t suffer damage or illnesses. Try the following five tips to prevent ants from invading your North Hollywood home:

  • Seal cracks or gaps in your exterior.

  • Store food in airtight containers.

  • Solve moisture issues in your home.

  • Remove trash from your home.

  • Keep wood and vegetation away from your house.

The PEST Group has the expertise to keep ants away from your North Hollywood home. Our ant pest control services start with an inspection. We’ll spray around your exterior, close potential entry points, and treat anywhere we see signs of activity. Our exclusion process includes a combination of liquid, bait, gel, and dust to eliminate ants in your home and at the nest.

We’ll recheck your home for ants after 15 days, spot-treating any problem areas. We can also return monthly or quarterly for year-round protection. Let us know if you want to keep ants out of your North Hollywood home.

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