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Reliable Pest Control In Long Beach, CA

Long Beach is a coastal and port city south of Los Angeles. It features several forms of entertainment, including the RMS Queen Mary, Knott's Berry Farm, and the Aquarium of the Pacific. It also has several shops and restaurants, providing activities for people of all interests.

The pests that invade Long Beach homes and businesses can damage structures and cause illnesses while they search for food and water. Many are nocturnal and excellent hiders, making them hard to find. Long Beach, CA, pest control professionals can eliminate these intruders and keep others from causing problems on your property.

The PEST Group serves Long Beach with effective pest solutions. We use proven products and methods to protect your building.

Residential Pest Control In Long Beach

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Residents spend time, energy, and money making their homes safe and comfortable. Several of the city's pests invade houses for food, water, and shelter, jeopardizing your safety and comfort. They cause damage in hidden areas and spread infectious pathogens. And because they're experts at hiding, you might not notice an infestation until it's severe.

Many intruders bite or sting if you attempt to handle them and leave health threats in your home, requiring professional assistance. At The PEST Group, we provide expert home pest control in Long Beach, CA. We'll inspect your property to find concerns and use effective products to build a barrier around your perimeter.

Professionals can remove problematic pests from your property and protect you from future infestations. Call us today to secure your Long Beach home.

Commercial Pest Control In Long Beach

Long Beach is home to businesses of various sizes and industries. The safety and comfort of your facility are paramount to its success. Unfortunately, the area's pests prefer commercial facilities because they offer food, water, and shelter, causing damage and spreading illnesses.

The PEST Group provides commercial pest control in Long Beach, CA. We'll discuss your concerns when we arrive and inspect your property to find activity and entry points. Commercial facilities are especially vulnerable to infestations, so we offer monthly and quarterly recurring services for year-round protection.

Controlling the pest populations around your commercial facility is essential for your success. Contact us to discover if our commercial services are right for you.

What Long Beach Homeowners Should Know About Ants

Ants are among the most common and annoying pests Long Beach homeowners encounter. Thousands live in colonies, invading homes in large numbers. Most people see these pests climbing walls or on kitchen surfaces as they look for food. They can also be the most frustrating creatures because they keep appearing no matter how many you eliminate.

Everyone knows ants are irritating, but that might be the extent of your knowledge. Understanding their habits provides tips on how to keep these pests out of your house. Some of the facts that Long Beach homeowners should know about ants include:

  • Ants invade homes for food and water to supply their colonies.

  • Some ants can cause damage and spread illnesses in your home.

  • Ants leave pheromones for others to follow into your house.

  • Ants enter homes through tiny cracks or crevices.

While you can eliminate some ants in your house, only professional ant control in Long Beach can end an infestation. At The PEST Group, we'll inspect your home to find the insects and their entry points. Our initial treatment includes spraying the nests and your perimeter. We'll also treat areas where we find activity with a combination of liquid, bait, gel, and dust products.

We'll return to your house after 15 days to check for continuing problems and spot-treat any concerns. Give us a call if you see ants crawling around your Long Beach home.

How Bed Bugs Get Into Long Beach Homes

The thought of bed bugs getting into your house scares every homeowner. These pests are among the most troublesome to find and eliminate because they hide in tiny spaces. They can live for a long time without feeding, enabling them to remain undetected.

Most Long Beach pests enter houses through tiny entry points in your exterior. Bed bugs are more irritating because people carry them into their homes. Some of the common ways that bed bugs gain entry into Long Beach residences include:

  • Hitch rides in bags or luggage

  • Climb onto secondhand furniture

  • Hide in the folds of clothing

Inspecting hotel rooms, keeping personal belongings off public floors, and examining secondhand items can prevent an infestation. But when these pests get into your house, you'll need help from The PEST Group. Our pest management professionals will inspect your house to find these creatures and determine the best treatment for your home. We can treat multiple rooms in your house, ensuring we eliminate the infestation.

Our bed bug services include a 30-day warranty, and we provide follow-up visits to ensure our initial treatment was successful. Let us know if you suspect bed bugs are in your Long Beach home.

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