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Lantana is a hidden gem of Florida’s east coast. It’s a relatively small town but has a population that’s large enough to keep things interesting! Lantana is home to accessible beaches, clean parks, and lots of tasty waterfront dining options. There is also reliable public transportation, good schools, and neighborhoods that are described as safe and community-focused. Given the natural climate and other conditions, Lantana properties are ideal places for pests such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, and termites. 

When you need quality pest control in Lantana, FL, for your home or place of business, consider professional help from The PEST Group! Our team is composed of expertly trained technicians who follow the Integrated Pest Management approach. By doing so, we are able to understand the “why” behind infestations and address them in ways that will help to prevent new issues. Each method that we use is built with the latest technology and all of our products are safe for the entire family. We also provide totally customized treatment plans for general and specific pests, and we always promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today to schedule your free inspection.

Residential Pest Control In Lantana

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When pests such as termites, rodents, and mosquitoes can become a problem on your property, you need a reliable way to deal with them. DIY methods might be tempting, but they are no match for the home pest control in Lantana, FL, that The PEST Group delivers. To start, we staff only the most well-trained technicians who hold a number of different certifications. Our treatments are always customized to your needs and abide by Integrated Pest Management guidelines. This means that we perform a total home inspection that leaves no stone unturned. This phase will provide us with the information that we need in order to customize your treatment program. It also means that we take the most environmentally friendly approach to treatment. The products that we use during visits are always family-safe as well. 

Our customers vary in their needs. While some people need only a single visit, others require monthly maintenance to keep pest problems at bay. Either way, we perform complete interior and exterior applications that will get rid of pests and offer continuing protection. We also perform services for pests such as termites, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, and bed bugs. This means that we can protect you no matter the situation. Call us today for more information.

Commercial Pest Control In Lantana

A pest problem can mean stress and hassle for your business. It can also mean exposing your customers to potential health hazards. Instead of waiting for pest problems to develop, consider commercial pest control in Lantana, FL from The PEST Group. Our services are built around the techniques of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which emphasizes preventive measures. By working to understand the reasons behind your pest problems, we can implement strategies to mitigate them in the future. IPM guidelines also mean that we act in a way that is as environmentally conscious as possible and that we use treatments judiciously. 

Many of our customers receive ongoing monthly visits in order to achieve complete results. At these visits, we check for signs of pest activity and damage, while also reducing alluring factors. We make interior and exterior product applications as well. If you’re dealing with a specific pest problem, such as termites or bed bugs, we offer targeted treatments for them. We also specialize in fumigation, wood repair, and a host of other services that will help keep your business running smoothly. As one of our customers, you will also benefit from top-quality customer support that is there whenever you need us. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. Call us today to schedule your free inspection!

Will The Roaches In My Lantana House Just Go Away On Their Own?

If you have cockroaches in your Lantana home, the fact is that they are unlikely to go away willingly. Cockroaches are known for their tenacious and sturdy nature. As long as they have access to water and a little food, they will not leave a property. They don’t require much food, though cockroaches do need water to survive. Roaches can only live for a week without water but your home probably provides them with enough that makes sticking around worth it. Cockroaches are also unlikely to leave on their own because of their rate of reproduction. The average female cockroach can lay one egg sac a month for ten months and each may contain 16 eggs. Generations of cockroaches can spawn off very quickly, making them even less likely to leave of their own volition. 

The most effective and reliable way to get rid of cockroaches is with professional help from The PEST Group. We know how unique cockroach infestations are compared to other pests, which is why we’ve developed a specific protocol to deal with them. If you suspect that there are roaches present, we’ll be right over and ready to treat. We use a variety of methods, such as baits and traps, and once we have eliminated all cockroaches, we’ll move on to monitoring your property. For more information on cockroach control, call us today.

Are Our Wood Repair Services Right For Your Lantana Home?

Wood repair services are a vital service that can help restore the safety and beauty of your home after it’s encountered a pest such as termites. At The PEST Group, we are the area’s trusted experts in this matter. Our technicians are exceptionally trained and are masters at their craft. Our process begins by assessing any problem areas in your home. We need to understand the scope of your wood problems and make our recommendations for a course of action. At this time, we’ll also decide if your property is a candidate for repair or removal and replacement. 

This is determined by the type of property damage we’ve identified and a host of other factors. During the process, you can expect the use of top-shelf products and even the ability to perform a color match if you desire. Before completion, we’ll walk through the treated area together to confirm it’s up to your standards. For more information on wood repair services, give us a call!

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