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Reliable Pest Control In Lakewood, CA

The reality of pest control is that every property has some level of risk for various kinds of pests. Even clean homes and well-run businesses can wind up with an infestation that leads to much larger disruptions, and this is really a year-round concern in Southern California thanks to our warm and dry weather. 

To make sure you never have to deal with the property damage and health impacts of an infestation, partner with The PEST Group for pest control in Lakewood that’s proactive and preventive, not just reactive to problems that are already there.

Residential Pest Control In Lakewood

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One thing that makes residential pest populations so difficult to deal with is that they hide within the areas of a property that homeowners can’t easily address on their own. Unfortunately, many still try to handle the problem on their own using DIY methods that largely fail for this reason. 

At The PEST Group, we aim to prove why turning to home pest control experts in Lakewood is both safer and more affordable. Here’s why countless Californians have trusted us with their home’s protection: 

  • Transparent pricing and pest education: We always communicate with you about what treatment plan we’re crafting and why. We also aim to educate our clients on ways they can reduce their risk of pests and make our control solutions the most effective.

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): This approach means we prioritize holistic and non-chemical solutions to pest control, as well as methods that prevent pest cycles from forming or continuing. 

  • Free inspections: After a quick online or over-the-phone consultation, we can schedule a free inspection of your property to help you identify your pest concerns and what treatments would be right for your home. 

A professional approach helps ensure pests are dealt with right and don’t turn into a more expensive problem down the road. Get reliable home pest control in Lakewood by contacting The PEST Group today.

Commercial Pest Control In Lakewood

Keeping your Lakewood business operating is all about proper planning that removes hiccups and unforeseen costs. Unfortunately, pest infestations are one of the biggest unforeseen costs that local businesses must account for. 

Luckily, you don’t have to look far for commercial pest control in Lakewood that’s fast and affordable. The PEST Group specializes in all kinds of commercial properties and layouts, protecting them against all the invasive pests that might invade and cause big issues for your operations. 

Here’s why you should turn to us for proper commercial pest protection:

  • Fast response: We know you need pests dealt with right away to avoid the larger consequences of an infestation, which is why prioritize fast and flexible response times. 

  • Customized treatments: We work with you on your treatment plan, crafting a custom service approach that’s right for your business, budget, and schedule. 

  • Many specialties: Not every pest control company can help the wide range of commercial properties we serve, which includes everything from government buildings to retail and industrial spaces. 

Protect your Lakewood business from the threat of pests by contacting The PEST Group right away.

Why Rodents Are Always A Potential Problem In Lakewood

It can be tempting to think pests will never be a problem on your property, either because you keep a clean home or have simply never noticed signs of an infestation. But even clean properties can wind up with pest problems, and just because you don’t see pests doesn’t mean they aren’t there. 

Rodents demonstrate why this hands-off approach to pest control is dangerous. They are attracted by factors found in each and every home, and they can take advantage of access points to the toughest-to-reach areas of a property. In fact, more than almost any other pest, rodents are capable of creating their own access points by chewing and clawing their way through building materials. 

To avoid rodents, you really need local rodent control that roots out rats and mice and the factors that attract them to your Lakewood property. With free inspections and thorough treatment and prevention methods, we can keep your home or business rodent-free. 

Contact us today to learn more about the rodent control offered by The PEST Group.

Cockroaches In Your Lakewood Kitchen? The PEST Group Can Help

Anywhere there are people making, serving, and eating food, cockroaches are likely not far off. As scavenging pests that can survive on mere crumbs, cockroaches see every property as an attractive feeding ground. 

You may notice signs of their droppings or shed skins around your kitchen, or maybe just the foul odors that result from a growing cockroach population. Whatever the evidence, you need cockroach control from The PEST Group. We know how to treat pests safely and effectively, which is crucial for the areas of your property where food is handled and prepared. 

Not only can we eliminate an existing population, but we can also ensure long-term protection so cockroaches never invade again. Contact The PEST Group today to get started.

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