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Pest Control In Dover, FL

Dover is one of those rare Florida gems truly offering the best of both worlds. As a quiet community between Tampa and Lakeland, it's the perfect location for commuters and snowbirds alike.

But not all commuters and snowbirds in Dover are of the human variety. You can also find many six-legged inhabitants here, including wood-eating insects, bed bugs, and more. Some prefer to travel alongside humans and hitchhike from home to home, while others are introduced or exacerbated by big cities before winding up in commercial properties.

Thankfully, you don't have to manage these pests on your own. 

The PEST Group is a proud provider of pest control services in Dover, offering full-service solutions to local home and business owners. We take our position as industry leaders very seriously, which is why we go above and beyond to meet the expectations of our clients.

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Residential Pest Control In Dover

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At The PEST Group, we recognize the importance of pest control services you can trust to protect your family. That's why we offer holistic home treatments for customers needing any level of protection.

Our team is proud to provide custom services in Dover to ensure a white-glove, tailor-made experience. We never fit your pest problems into a cookie-cutter plan; every treatment we make is personalized to your needs.

The process begins with a full inspection of your property's interior and exterior. We're careful to check every inch of your home and provide a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations.

From here, we suggest a treatment protocol unique to your home and pest problems. Our interior treatments remove active pests and create a residual barrier, while our exterior treatments create a pest-proof perimeter.

We offer one-time, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services to ensure future pests never get inside your home. Since each treatment comes with a 100% pest-free guarantee, you never have to worry about the quality of our services.

You can schedule a free inspection for home pest control in Dover by completing our online contact form today.

Commercial Pest Control In Dover

A whopping 90% of all U.S. businesses have faced one pest infestation in the past five years. For businesses in Dover, a city with a heavy pest presence, infestations may be even more frequent.

Thankfully, commercial pest control services from the folks at The PEST Group are designed to abate this pressure. We support hundreds of clients with cutting-edge services to resolve, defend, and remediate pest activity.

All our commercial pest control services in Dover begin with a free inspection. We never charge a dime to inspect your property or identify pest species plaguing your business.

We work hard to create a unique pest control plan to combat pests in your facility. Our team happily serves warehouses, apartments, and office buildings, although we also support 'sensitive' organizations like schools, hotels, and restaurants. Since many of our treatments are safe for families and pets, we can meet even the staunchest industry guidelines.

Keep in mind our pest-free guarantee extends to commercial services as well. In the unlikely event pests return to your property, you can trust our team to make things right.

We invite you to request a free inspection of your business by contacting our team directly.

Professional Post-Pest Wood Repair Services In Dover

The issues posed by a termite infestation are twofold. First, you have to worry about getting rid of the active infestation. Then, you need to worry about repairing the damage they leave behind. You don't have to navigate this process alone – the team at The PEST Group is more than willing to help.

Once you've removed these wood-destroying pests with the help of termite control treatment, our professional team can jump into action to inspect, repair, and walk-through your home.

Here's what you can expect after calling our professional team:

  • We inspect specific areas of termite damage and investigate surrounding structures. This helps us understand what to remove, repair, or replace as we move forward with our service.

  • We patch up woodwork using quality materials and a keen eye for detail. Rest assured, we work to the best of our ability to deliver top-notch results to customers.

  • We will show you the results of our service and explain what we did to achieve them. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we listen intently to your feedback and questions.

It's time to book local termite damage repair services to restore your home equity and peace of mind. Just contact the team at The PEST Group today to chat with a seasoned expert.

Why Bed Bugs In Dover Should Be Left To The Professionals

Tampa has one of the highest concentrations of bed bugs to people in the U.S. So it's no wonder why home and business owners in Dover are at a much higher risk for infestations.

Many locals attempt to remove these pests with DIY methods or home remedies. But the truth is that bed bugs are extremely resilient pests; essential oils and over-the-counter sprays aren't likely to remove your infestation.

For example:

  • DIY solutions like vinegar and essential oil only work upon contact. Since bed bugs are nocturnal and rarely come out during the day, you're not likely to remove entire infestations this way.

  • Over-the-counter bed bug treatments could be dangerous at high concentrations. Some bed bug populations are resistant to OTC products and continue to worsen in spite of these treatments.

  • Alternative treatments for bed bug infestations could risk your health and wellness. Attempting to treat your home with kerosene or gasoline may be extremely dangerous.

If you're currently struggling with bed bug control in Dover, DIY or OTC treatments aren't likely to remedy the problem. Instead, you should reach out to a group of trained professionals who can remove these pests for good. 

The PEST Group offers local treatments, heat treatments, and fumigation services to remove even the most embedded populations. Say goodbye to bed bugs and hello to a pest-free home by contacting our team today.

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