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Customized Pest Control In Covina, CA

Covina is a city that attracts people who desire a taste of the suburbs with all of the amenities that an urban area provides. In Covina, this means safe neighborhoods, a well-regarded public education system, any type of store you could need, and lots of community amenities. Covina also has access to public transit, so getting around is a breeze. Part of living in the city also means the possibility of pest problems that can range from bed bugs to ants and mosquitoes. At The PEST Group, we deliver customized pest control in Covina, CA, in order to keep your home or business completely protected from pest invaders. 

Our team is composed of highly trained pest management professionals who use advanced technology and products that are safe for people and pets. We also pride ourselves on our stellar customer service, which includes upfront and fair pricing, quick response times, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today to schedule your free inspection!

Residential Pest Control In Covina

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At The PEST Group, we are committed to keeping your home free from pests. Our home pest control in Covina, CA, is performed by expert pest management professionals. We utilize advanced technology in everything that we do and all of the products we apply are safe for your entire family. When you partner with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’re going to deliver value-driven services that are designed to have residual benefits. 

We provide the option of ongoing general pest control as well as specialized services for pests such as bed bugs, termites, and mosquitoes. No matter which services you need from us, we’ll always begin the process by meticulously inspecting your property. This will inform us as to how pest problems developed and which pests are active. We often make both interior and exterior applications to create a barrier of protection. And if you need ongoing maintenance, we’ll set up a schedule to help achieve your goals. Call us today for more information!

Commercial Pest Control In Covina

Pests can have a big impact on your ability to operate your business, whether it’s rodents that are looking for shelter or cockroaches seeking food. At The PEST Group, we provide commercial pest control in Covina, CA, that we guarantee 100%. We are a local team of pest management professionals who have undergone the most rigorous training. Our team will work in collaboration with you to customize a service plan that will not only eliminate pests but that will also work to prevent new issues. 

As a full-service company, we provide a wide selection of treatment options that can benefit your business. If you’re looking to take a proactive stance against pests, our monthly maintenance plan may be helpful. When you need to remove an active termite colony and repair the damage, we can help with that as well. We use the latest technology and safe products to deliver real results. Call us today to schedule your free inspection!

Expert Fumigation Services In Covina

Some of the pest problems that Covina residents face are particularly stubborn and hard to eliminate. One of the most effective solutions for these types of infestations is fumigation, which is provided by a pest professional. At The PEST Group, we are the team to call for fumigation needs. Our residential and commercial customers receive the highest quality of fumigation that is performed by expert pest management professionals. Not every property is a candidate for fumigation, so we always perform an evaluation first to determine if this is the best course of action. 

Some of the instances where fumigation is beneficial include widespread termite or bed bug infestations. When we fumigate a house, we usually need at least three days to complete the process. We provide steps for preparation and then tent the entire structure in order to infuse our treatment products.  These services rarely require follow-ups, but we’re available to provide them when necessary. For more information on fumigation services in Covina, CA, call us today.

Tips To Prevent Ants Getting Inside Your Covina Home

When you want to keep ants out of your Covina home, try these quick tips:

  • Close off entry points. To start, look for potential access points in your foundation and use caulk to close them. Additionally, repair any window screens that are torn and place door sweeps where they’re needed. 

  • Clean up the yard. Clearing away debris in the yard may reduce enticements to ants. Get rid of any leaf piles, twigs, and hedge clippings. 

  • Tidy the house. Ants are largely attracted to sugary items, which may come in the form of shampoo and body soap as well as food residue. Make sure that all cooking areas receive a proper cleaning after use, store trash in bins with lids, and do the dishes as you use them. 

  • Fix problem plumbing. Because water can also lure ants, you’ll want to shut off faucets completely after using them and never overlook dripping faucets. 

For more information on ant prevention, call The PEST Group.

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