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Trusted Pest Control In Corona, CA

Corona is known as a family-friendly place to live because of its safe neighborhoods, reputable public schools, and the overall quality of life that its residents report. Living in Corona means having Trabuco Canyon as your backyard, so there is never a shortage of different trails and peaks to explore. You’ll also get to enjoy local bakeries and global cuisine while having every necessary store within reach. 

At The PEST Group, we understand that pest invaders may also be a part of your daily life, no matter what you do to avoid them. To best serve our community, we deliver trusted pest control in Corona, CA, that is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our trained and certified technicians will work with you to develop customized treatment programs that can address pests such as termites, spiders, ants, or bed bugs. And by following the guidelines of Integrated Pest Management, we can work on limiting any future pest problems. For more information and to receive your free inspection, call us today!

Residential Pest Control In Corona, CA

At The PEST Group, we partner with homeowners on a multitude of pest-related concerns. We are a trained and certified company that is used to working on projects such as escrow inspections, termite remediation, bed bug removal, and general pest control treatments. All of these services give full attention to the nuances of your property and exact issues. Our treatment philosophy is designed around the Integrated Pest Management approach, which means that we are constantly working to better understand the ways that pests interact with your property and limit any pest-attracting factors. 

For general pest control, we’ll provide you with a free comprehensive home assessment to gather this information. The first treatment we apply includes the interior and exterior of your home and then the interior on an as-needed basis going forward. We can either provide you with these services on a quarterly basis or one time, depending on your needs. To learn more about home pest control in Corona, CA, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Corona, CA

Sometimes you can do everything right for your business and still find yourself faced with a pest problem. Luckily, The PEST Group is here to help you. Our company has decades of industry experience and is composed of only the most experienced and certified pest technicians using the latest equipment and techniques. Whether you operate a school, donut shop, office building, or warehouse, we can work together to alleviate your pest problems. Each of our customers receives their very own unique pest control program that is built around the findings of our property inspections. 

We abide by Integrated Pest Management standards to do so and to help us understand the reasoning behind pest activity in order to create long-term results. The type of pest activity we’ve located and your goals will impact the maintenance schedule that we set up, though many of our commercial customers seek monthly service. And most importantly, we guarantee your satisfaction 100%. For more information on commercial pest control in Corona, CA, call us today.

Benefits Of Mosquito Misting In Corona

Mosquito misting is one of the best services that Corona residents can provide for their properties. Some of the benefits include:

  • Seasonal protection: By working with a pest pro, people can address the routine nature of mosquitoes, which means that they will come out year after year when it’s hot and humid. 

  • Additional protection: DIY methods are not a sure thing because of how attracted mosquitoes are to people. Misting adds that necessary extra layer of protection.

  • Ability to reach tough areas: A misting system can cover a range of areas, most of which are hard to access. This may entail trees, hedges, and other harborage sites.  

  • Limited exposure to health risks: In limiting mosquito populations, mosquito misting also helps to prevent the possible spread of West Nile virus and heartworm.

To benefit from professional mosquito control in Corona, CA, call The PEST Group today.

Why Exclusion Is The Best Strategy For Dealing With Rodents In Corona

When it comes to effectively dealing with rodents, exclusion is by far the best strategy. This method refers primarily to sealing off any potential opening with rodent-proof material. Some of those materials include wire mesh, steel wool, and silicone-based caulk. Rodents are very skilled at finding their way inside homes by utilizing these openings, some of which can be the size of a dime. And if left to their own devices, rodents can even gnaw at openings to make them bigger. 

Though the average person could try to seal off these access points, they might not be able to locate them all and can use the wrong products, thus exposing themselves to more problems. Exclusion is also in accordance with Integrated Pest Management standards, so it aims to limit access to food sources and is a structural modification of sorts. For more information on rodent exclusion, call The PEST Group today.

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