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Comprehensive Pest Control In Bradenton, FL

Bradenton has developed into one of the most sought-after communities on the west coast of Florida, and with good reason. The city’s views of the Manatee River are nothing short of stunning and are also very accessible when residents desire a boat ride or wish to go fishing. There is also a thriving local restaurant scene, both on the waterfront and in the downtown district. Visiting Bradenton offers an escape unlike any other that is filled with visits to local art galleries, enticing shopping, and boutique fitness. But living here also means that there are ample opportunities for pest problems, such as termites, rodents, and bed bugs. 

To handle these situations with safety and efficacy, consider comprehensive pest control in Bradenton, FL, from The PEST Group. We are a team of highly trained pest professionals who hold a variety of certifications and employ the latest innovations in technology. Our services are also in accordance with Integrated Pest Management methods, which ensure that our services are as environmentally conscious as possible. It also helps us get to the root of why you’re having pest problems so that we can work to prevent future outbreaks. When you partner with us, you will always receive fair and honest quotes, timely responses, and customer support that restores your confidence. To learn more about our services and schedule your no-cost inspection, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Bradenton, FL

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At The PEST Group, it’s our goal to keep your Bradenton home free from pests throughout the year and alleviate your stress. We’re able to accomplish this by having a team full of certified pest professionals who have the latest technology at their disposal. Our team also follows the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which means that all of our work is as environmentally friendly as possible. By adhering to IPM standards, it also means that we’re able to gather the information that we need about your property in order to customize a treatment plan and develop sustainable results. 

Each customer receives a complete property inspection with every visit and a treatment plan from that point. We offer these services either as a one-time visit or on a scheduled basis. In addition to our general services, we also offer specialized services for invaders such as termites, bed bugs, and rodents. With regards to those pests, we’re able to fumigate, provide Wood-Destroying Organism reports, and exclusion work to keep rodents from getting into your house. To learn more about our residential pest control services, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Bradenton, FL

Your Bradenton business can be faced with a pest problem at any point throughout the year. At The PEST Group, it’s our mission to help you handle these scenarios as seamlessly as possible. We are a company that believes in honest and transparent communication, fair pricing, and comprehensive services. Each of our customers receives a unique treatment plan that we build around their specific and evolving needs. Our services are guided by the principles of Integrated Pest Management, which is the industry gold standard. It allows us to be environmentally conscious while also creating reliable, sustainable change. When we employ these methods, you can rest assured that our work will address the root cause behind your infestations.  

Whether you’re dealing with a general pest problem or something more specific like rodents or roaches, we always offer a free initial inspection. During this time our technicians will check the complete interior and exterior of your property. Once we have this information, we can move forward with creating a tailored plan. The first treatment also addresses sensitive areas and the findings from our inspection. Once we move onto a regular schedule, we will treat your ongoing concerns, all to your complete satisfaction. Our services are safe for your customers and employees as an added benefit. To learn more about our commercial pest control services, call us today.

How Fumigation Services Target Pests In Bradenton

At The PEST Group, we offer fumigation services that are designed to completely rid Bradenton homes and businesses of their most stubborn pest problems. Fumigation is a process by which we tent an entire business or home and then pipe in fumigants. Once they’re piped in, the treatments are able to reach every nook and cranny of a structure. This service is often used to eliminate drywood termites and bed bugs. It will require some preparation so that we can deliver the most efficient treatment and to ensure that nothing gets harmed in the process. We usually need between two and three days to prepare the property, perform the service, and make sure that it’s safe for people to return to it. 

These treatments are highly effective and are usually completely successful in one try. In the case that there are still remaining pests, we may opt to use a residual product. For more information on fumigation services in Bradenton, call us today.

What You Can Do To Prevent Rodents Inside Your Bradenton Home

When it comes to rodents, you’ll want to do everything in your ability to keep them out of your Bradenton home. Some of the most effective steps that you can follow include:

  • Start with entry points. Rodents are very skilled when it comes to gaining access to the inside of your home. Rats can scale roofs while mice can fit through dime-sized openings. You’ll want to fill in any potential entry point with rodent-proof materials such as steel wool, wire mesh, and liquid foam to keep them from gaining future entrance. 

  • Take away food sources. One of the most enticing factors for rodents is something to eat. In order to remove this possibility, make sure that you seal up all pantry snacks and food items, take the trash out regularly, and disinfect counters and floors that may be housing crumbs or spills. 

  • Eliminate moisture issues. Rodents also seek water sources and damp areas to create their nests. Utilize dehumidifiers in places such as the basement and crawl spaces, and make sure to dry out any leaky pipes or other fixtures when they need it. 

  • Bring in the pros. For the most reliable help against rodents, consider seeking services from a pest control expert. They can identify access points and provide further education on preventing these outbreaks.

To receive rodent protection for your home, call The PEST Group today.

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