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Frequently Asked Questions About Powderpost Beetles

What are powderpost beetles?

There are many different types of beetles that may present varying issues once they invade your property. Powderpost beetles are a common pest in our area, and infestations of this pest are highly problematic. Powderpost beetles are a type of wood-destroying insect, similar to carpenter ants and termites, and their larvae feed on the wood of human structures.

Powderpost beetles can be recognized by their reddish-brown color, long, narrow, and flat bodies, and their segmented antennae. The larvae of the powderpost beetle are whiteish in color, and they are shaped like the letter ‘C.’ 

Powderpost beetle control is essential to stopping the wood on your property from being destroyed by these common pests.

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Are powderpost beetles dangerous?

Powderpost beetles don’t pose a direct threat to humans, but they do cause extensive damage to wooden structures and are as dangerous as any other type of wood-destroying insect. Over time, the powderpost larvae will feed on the inside of wood and leave via holes as they become adults. This leads to the infestation becoming widespread and serious structural damage to wood that is not only costly to repair, but also very dangerous and presents a risk of structural collapse.

Powderpost beetles also love starchy items, and they may be found feeding on books, furniture, picture frames, and other wooden things on your property, something that causes irreparable damage. 

Understanding how to get rid of beetles is essential to preventing these dangers; The PEST Group can help.

Why do I have a powderpost beetle problem?

You may pick up a powderpost beetle problem by accidentally utilizing lumber around your property that contains eggs or larvae. Adult powderpost beetles may also slip inside your home as they pursue food and breeding areas, or you may purchase a secondhand piece of furniture that is infested with powderpost beetles. 

Checking for signs of powderpost beetles ahead of moving wooden items into your home is key to preventing infestations of this pest.

Where will I find powderpost beetles?

Powderpost beetles are most commonly found inside wooden structures, around lumber piles, or near books, furniture, and other wooden items. Adults will forage for food outside of wood, while eggs and larvae stay deep inside wooden items while they feed. Local beetle control helps you identify problem areas and remove hiding powderpost beetles.

How do I get rid of powderpost beetles?

The best way to get rid of powderpost beetles is to contact The PEST Group for home pest control and commercial pest control services. Our pest management professionals will identify your problem and provide you with tailored solutions that effectively eradicate all traces of these pests on your property.

Call us now to request a free inspection or to learn more about our valuable powderpost beetle treatment solutions.

How can I prevent powderpost beetles in the future?

Prevent powderpost beetles from invading your property in the future with our essential tips below:

  • Make sure that any lumber purchased is free of these pests and ensure that you properly store all lumber or wood in elevated areas to prevent powderpost beetles from invading it.

  • Double-check antiques and secondhand furniture for signs of powderpost beetles before moving these items onto your property.

  • Paint or stain wood around your property, as this deters powderpost beetle infestation.

  • Address moisture issues and use dehumidifiers when necessary to reduce damp and humid conditions that might attract this pest.

  • Refrain from storing furniture or wood you want indoors in places like barns or sheds where powderpost beetles like to hide. 

For more advice on preventing this pest or for expert wood repair services, contact The PEST Group today.

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