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Pico Rivera, California Pest Control

We’ve Effectively Eliminated Pests in Thousands of Homes & Businesses. Contact Us Today for Your Free Pest Inspection.

Pico Rivera is located in Los Angeles County. It is in a central location with easy access to nearby cities as well as nature areas and beaches. It has multiple parks and playgrounds for children and families. 

Pico Rivera is also a great location for pests. The weather and soil make it ideal for ants, wasps, spiders, and flies. These pests can be annoying plus lead to bites, stings, and illnesses.

Protect yourself and your family with help from The PEST Group. Our licensed technicians will eradicate pests from your home, giving you peace of mind. If you’re tired of sharing your home with pests, contact us today to schedule a free inspection. 

Our Plans and Savings

At The PEST Group, we offer three packages to choose from to meet your needs:

  • PestProtect 365. Our most popular option, this package costs $39 a month. You get protection all year long from more than two dozen pets. A licensed technician will perform pest control services on your property every other month. Plus, you get full protection in between services as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
  • PestProtect 365 Premier. For $69 a month, you get more than the package above. You get everything included in the PestProtect 365 package, plus a termite and bed bug inspection as well as rodent control. This package provides our best value. 
  • One-time service. Don’t like commitments? Then opt for a one-time service. We can eliminate most pests with just one treatment. We treat ants, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, and even rodents. Treatments start at $199.

When you choose a package, you can save money by:

  • Setting up autopay. Save up to 5%.
  • Entering a one-year contract. We’ll waive the setup fee. 
  • Pre-paying for the year. Save 10%.

Types of Pest Control

Eliminating and controlling pests is not always a one-size-fits-all approach. Finding the right pest control treatment and plan for your home can be difficult, since each property is unique. That’s why your pest control services should be catered to your unique needs. 

At The PEST Group, we can help you eliminate your pest problem for good. Our experts have the experience and knowledge needed to develop customizable pest control plans for homeowners in Pico Rivera. We provide general pest control services to protect your home from a variety of common pests, as well as conventional termite treatments, fumigation services, mosquito control, and commercial pest control. We’re confident that we have a pest control plan to fit your needs.

Contact Our Pest Control Experts Today

Don’t live another day with pests running your home or business. Get the help you need from the experienced technicians at The PEST Group. 

Need the best pest control in Pico Rivera? See how The PEST Group can eliminate your insect and rodent problems for good. Get started with a free inspection. Give us a call at (844) 488-PEST or (844) 488-7378.

Pest Control Services

Choose from three packages

One-Time PEST Service

Starting at$199

Have a one-off pest problem? Let us eliminate them for you today!

Pests We Treat

Bed Bugs
Plus Many More!
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PESTProtect 365

Starting at

Most Popular

All year protection from over 25 different pests
Services every other month from a licensed PEST technician
Full protection in between services
100% PEST free satisfaction guarantee
*Initial fees apply
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PESTProtect 365 Premier

Starting at

Best Value

Bed Bug Inspection
Termite Inspection
Rodent Control

Plus everything included in the PESTProtect 365 package.

*Initial fees apply
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We stand by our services and provide a 100% PEST free guarantee on all our work – if a problem arises in between treatments, we will re-treat at no cost to you.

Our Process

. Magnifying Glass

1. Free Inspection

We provide free inspections that allow us to identify the size and scope of your pest problems, so we can present you with a proposal for our pest control services.


2. Treatment

Once your pest control needs have been identified we will schedule a time for our licensed and certified technicians to come out to your home to complete the services.


3. Follow-up

Depending on the type of pest control needed our team will tailor on going services to ensure your home or business stays pest free!

Trust The Experts

Let us solve your Pest Control problems today.

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