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Buena Park, California Pest Control

We’ve Effectively Eliminated Pests in Thousands of Homes & Businesses. Contact Us Today for Your Free Pest Inspection.

Pest Control Buena Park, California

Nationwide Leader in the Pest Industry for 250 Years!

We are so confident in our service that we GUARANTEE your satisfaction—if not, just contact us and schedule a time for us to redo your treatments for NO COST!


  • Rodents
  • Powderpost Beetles
  • Wasps
  • Spiders
  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Many More!

Buena Park residents should contact The PEST Group today, 844-488-7378, to learn more about how we can safely and effectively exterminate your pest problem.

Our Process

1. Inspection

We offer a no-risk, free inspection so that we can uncover your pest problem and then develop an integrated treatment approach designed just for you.

2. Treatment

You pick the time, and our licensed technicians show up to provide the treatments agreed to in our treatment plan.

3. Follow-up Services

If needed, we can book you for regular follow-up treatments so a pest problem cannot get re-established at your property!

Commercial Pest Control in Buena Park, CA

Businesses large and small rely on The PEST Group to keep their premises free of the most invasive pests. We can work with any industry, including food service, daycares, healthcare providers, entertainment, and educational centers. Just contact us to get started. Pests are an unexpected problem for many businesses, leading to negative social media reviews and disgruntled employees. If left untreated, they can drain the profitability of any business in only a few months. Protect your balance sheet now by scheduling a free inspection with The PEST Group.

Residential Pest Control in Buena Park

Even the most well-cared for home can quickly get overrun with a pest infestation. Don’t try to fight it alone! Call The PEST Group for a unique treatment plan appropriate to your property. We have decades of experience fighting the most common pests, including cockroaches, spiders, and ants. We will do everything possible to exclude and eliminate pests, including sealing up cracks and holes in the siding or foundation.

*If needed, you can combine our general residential pest control services with mosquito control services, termite treatment, bed bug fumigation, and commercial pest control.

Termite Treatment in Buena Park, Ca

These soldiers can worm their way into wood and quickly munch away at your foundation until a home is imperiled. Termites warrant immediate extermination, but they are difficult to control. The PEST Group has wide experience exterminating drywood and subterranean termites. We can put in place an integrated treatment plan, including baiting, fumigation, and perimeter protection. If wood is already damaged, we can provide spot treatment and wood repair services. Contact The PEST Group for a free inspection.

Bed Bug Fumigation Services in Buena Park, CA

Bed bug infestations have exploded in the past decade. There are many reasons, including more travel, which allows these bugs to hitch a ride and show up in unlikely places. Many hotels, motels, and apartment complexes are buckling under bed bug infestations.

No one should wake up with bites. We use various methods to attack bed bugs at the source, including fumigation to kill these unwanted guests and keep them at bay for good.

Contact The PEST Group to learn more, 844-488-PEST, or REQUEST A QUOTE.

Pest Control Services

Choose from three packages

One-Time PEST Service

Starting at$199

Have a one-off pest problem? Let us eliminate them for you today!

Pests We Treat

Bed Bugs
Plus Many More!
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PESTProtect 365

Starting at

Most Popular

All year protection from over 25 different pests
Services every other month from a licensed PEST technician
Full protection in between services
100% PEST free satisfaction guarantee
*Initial fees apply
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PESTProtect 365 Premier

Starting at

Best Value

Bed Bug Inspection
Termite Inspection
Rodent Control

Plus everything included in the PESTProtect 365 package.

*Initial fees apply
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We stand by our services and provide a 100% PEST free guarantee on all our work – if a problem arises in between treatments, we will re-treat at no cost to you.

Our Process

. Magnifying Glass

1. Free Inspection

We provide free inspections that allow us to identify the size and scope of your pest problems, so we can present you with a proposal for our pest control services.


2. Treatment

Once your pest control needs have been identified we will schedule a time for our licensed and certified technicians to come out to your home to complete the services.


3. Follow-up

Depending on the type of pest control needed our team will tailor on going services to ensure your home or business stays pest free!

Trust The Experts

Let us solve your Pest Control problems today.

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