Why Anaheim, CA Homeowners Shouldn't Try To Face Bed Bugs On Their Own

a bed bug and larvae

Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that primarily feed on human blood. These undesirable pests have flat, oval-shaped bodies with six legs and antennae. Although bed bugs are not known disease carriers, they are bothersome creatures that create anxiety and often cause many homeowners to experience sleepless nights.

Are you struggling with a bed bug infestation? The best way of solving these problems involves contacting a professional provider of bed bug control in Anaheim, CA. An Anaheim pest control company employs a staff of properly trained technicians who understand the best methods for effectively resolving these concerns and always follow up to ensure your satisfaction.

Bed Bugs: Stealthy, Relentless Pests In Anaheim, CA

Bed bugs will emerge at night and use their sensory capabilities to detect sleeping humans. After consuming a blood meal, bed bugs will quietly retreat by crawling.

Because homeowners may not see live bugs, looking for signs of their presence is important, such as small reddish blood stains on pillowcases and other bedding materials. Remember that bed bugs are relatively resilient creatures that can survive several weeks without feeding.

Bed bug eggs are very tiny and appear off-white. Unlike many home-invading pests in kitchen areas seeking food, bed bugs typically remain in the bedroom.

Property owners often inadvertently introduce bed bugs to their homes within purses, suitcases, and other belongings; this is common among travelers who encounter bed bugs in hotel rooms, airports, trains, and similar areas. 

Downsides Of DIY Bed Bug Control

Why do many of the do-it-yourself attempts at bed bug removal often fail?  Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures that will generally remain hidden during the day. Some common hiding spots include interior walls, furniture, or piles of clothing. Other possible downsides associated with store-bought products include:

  • These products represent “on-size-fits-all” solutions to problems that fail to account for many different variables.

  • Some of these options might contain harsh chemical formulas.

  • Many bed bug control products create only short-term results because they are ineffective against bed bug eggs that are still developing.

Are you experiencing a problem with bed bugs? A pest control professional will perform a detailed bed bug inspection to accurately assess the scope of the problem and choose an appropriate treatment plan.  

The Longer You Let Bed Bugs Stay Active, The Worse They'll Be

Do bed bug problems typically worsen over time? Yes. Bed bugs will generate many eggs, which often results in small intrusions quickly escalating into full-blown infestations.

Many of those who endure bed bug bites mistakenly assume the small reddish marks are the skin are the result of mosquitoes or other types of pests. During this time, bed bugs can expand their presence and enter other rooms inside the home or invade adjacent units in apartment buildings.

Contacting a well-qualified provider of bed bug treatment in Anaheim, CA is the best option for those facing an infestation involving these undesirable creatures. A local bed bug exterminator has access to many of the latest innovations in the pest control industry.

Why Bed Bugs Should Always Be Left To The Professionals

Are you noticing signs of bed bug activity in your home? Consulting with a local home pest control or commercial pest control expert is the recommended course of action when facing these problems. The pros operate in ways that ensure the safety of you and your family.

Today, The PEST Group remains among the best Anaheim, CA bed bug exterminators. Our technicians will conduct a property assessment and create a customized solution. We also maintain a commitment to delivering the highest-quality customer service.

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