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Ultimate Guide To Rat Control: Effective Strategies For A Rat-Free Home In Anaheim, CA

rat in pantry

Lots of people have a fear of rats. This is for a good reason. These pests look scary, the problems they cause are scary, and even the way they move can be scary. Whether you are afraid of rats or not, we think you should have the tools to stop these pests before they cause trouble inside or around your home.

Here are some tips and tricks from our team to address rats before they take over your property. Call The PEST Group for expert help with these invasive rodents. We will share with you some options for rat removal in Anaheim, CA and find a service option that best meets your needs. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more.

Physical Characteristics Of Rats: How To Identify A Rat

Rats look a lot like other local rodents. They have thick, short fur, blunt noses, round ears, and long tails. Some species have more plumb bodies, while others are thinner and more agile. Norway rats are the largest local invasive rodent. These pests have especially sharp teeth that are able to gnaw through materials like wood, concrete, and aluminum.

Roof rats are smaller than Norway rats but much more agile. They regularly climb the exterior of buildings and get indoors through damage to rooflines, unprotected chimneys, and open windows. Thankfully, you can prevent all rats in the same ways. Unfortunately, they all cause the same problem. Here are some of the biggest issues that come with a rat infestation.

Health Risks Of Rat Infestations: Protecting Your Family And Pets

There are more than a few reasons that you should avoid wild rats here in Anaheim, CA. The most obvious reason is that these pests are annoying and scary. They often make noises late at night and will frustrate you with their behaviors.

To make things worse, rats often get people sick with the diseases they carry and spread off their bodies and through their fecal droppings. These pests will also gnaw holes through walls, damage furniture, defecate and urinate everywhere, tear up insulation and fabrics, and cause tons of other damage indoors. Let’s talk about some of the best methods you have at your disposal to stop rats before they cause trouble. 

Top Rat Prevention Tips: How To Keep Your Home Rodent-Free

You have to be a bit handy to prevent different types of rats on your own. If you feel up to the task, here are some DIY tips and tricks you might use to avoid these local pests.

  • Address gaps, holes, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Repair damage to exterior windows and doors.
  • Invest in rodent-proof trash cans.
  • Fix leaky piping and address damaged gutters.
  • Clean up messes as they occur inside your home.
  • Store food inside air-tight containers.

Talk with our crew at The PEST Group if you want to know how professionals handle rats and other invasive rodents or if you need help dealing with these pests.

Professional Rat Control: The Most Effective Elimination Solution

There is no universal solution to rats. These pests require a customized control approach. Our team at The PEST Group would be more than happy to inspect your home for these pests and offer a plan to get them out fast.

We will talk you through our process and help you understand what methods we plan on using for rat control. Reach out to our dedicated team at The PEST Group to discover more about our advanced home pest control options and schedule an appointment for your Anaheim, CA home and property.

Our certified pest experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Simply fill out this form for a free, no-obligation estimate.