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The Itchy Truth In Orange County, CA: Understanding Mosquito Bites And How To Treat Them

a mosquito biting human skin

In an area like Orange County, CA, mosquitoes can be everywhere. The insects reach a new level of annoyance when they're all over your yard. If you want to keep mosquitoes away from your home, you need The PEST Group. Our pest control services in Orange County, CA will protect your home and family from biting insects. 

Understanding Mosquito Behavior: Insights Into Why They Bite

As female mosquitoes prepare to lay eggs, they need extra protein. They can only get this protein from a blood meal, which is why they bite. Mosquitoes are able to sense your body heat and the carbon dioxide you exhale, which is how they find hosts to bite. 

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. A mosquito egg only takes about ten days to grow to an adult. If you’re getting a lot of mosquito bites around your yard, they’re probably getting ready to lay eggs. Then, just two weeks later, a new generation of adult mosquitoes will be ready to start biting again. 

Health Risks Of Mosquito Bites: Warning Signs To Watch For

When a mosquito bites you, she injects saliva into your skin. The itchy welt that appears afterward is your body’s immune response to the saliva. Be careful, though. Scratching too much can break the skin and lead to infection. Keep the bites clean and apply an anti-itch treatment as needed. 

Mosquitoes in Orange County, CA are known to be carriers of many diseases. Mosquitoes can spread West Nile virus, dengue, chikungunya, encephalitis, and tularemia. These illnesses are serious. If you start feeling sick after being bitten by a mosquito, you should see a doctor. 

Mosquito Bite Prevention: How To Protect Yourself From Bites

Mosquito bites might seem unavoidable, and that’s true to an extent. But you can also take steps to keep mosquitoes away from your yard.

Try these mosquito prevention tips to make your yard less attractive to mosquitoes and avoid being bitten:

  • Remove anything from your yard that collects water.
  • Clear out overgrown plants.
  • Plant herbs and flowers that repel mosquitoes, such as lavender and lemongrass.
  • Apply mosquito repellent when you go outside.

Anything in your yard that can hold water could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes; this includes things like bird baths, ponds, and pieces of trash. Ensure your yard is clear of any water collections so mosquitoes don’t have a place to lay eggs.

Overgrown plants create shade where mosquitoes go to rest. Clearing out overgrowth means mosquitoes are less likely to hang out in your yard. Instead, you can plant lavender, lemongrass, basil, and rosemary, which all repel mosquitoes. 

You should protect yourself from mosquito bites when you go outside. Applying insect repellent is a good way to avoid mosquitoes. You can also wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants to expose less skin to mosquitoes. 

If mosquitoes have taken over your yard, you need to call an Orange County, CA mosquito control professional to get them out. 

Say Goodbye To Mosquito Bites Around Your Yard: Call Us Today!

The PEST Group is the best way to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard. When you call us, we’ll send a pest management professional to your home for an inspection. We'll create a treatment plan for your yard based on what the technician finds and what you’ve noticed. Our options for mosquito treatments are each designed to keep mosquitoes from breeding in your yard so that you can avoid infestations. Call The PEST Group today to get mosquitoes out of your yard and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Orange County, CA.

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