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Revive, Renew, Restore: Expert Wood Repair Services In Orange County

swarm of termites

There are a few different wood-destroying pests found in Orange County. When these bugs invade your property, they can cause extensive damage to your home, storage sheds, and other wooden structures around your yard. The longer these destructive pests are allowed to stay on your property, the more severe the damage will be. 

At The PEST Group, we have an entire team of highly-trained pest control specialists who not only know how to locate and eliminate wood-destroying insects (WDI) in Orange County, but we can also repair any damage caused by these pests. Here is a look at why expert wood repair in Orange County is important if your home has recently sustained damage from termites and other pests. 

The Devastating Impact Of Wood-Destroying Insects

In Orange County, the subterranean termite and the drywood termite are the most common wood-destroying termites that people have to deal with. These two types of termites primarily eat wooden materials. The termites will use their strong jaws to chew through the wood effortlessly. Wood-destroying insect damage can be mild or severe. If you have these creatures in your home, some of the damage that you might find could include:

  • Small pin holes in your drywall
  • Rough and jagged wood surfaces
  • Brittle or hollow wood
  • Bubbling or peeling paint
  • Discolored wooden surfaces

If you don’t deal with wood-destroying pests in a timely manner, you could have extensive damage to your home. In extreme cases, homeowners have had to leave their home because it was structurally unsound due to termite damage. If you see any type of damage in your home, you should call a professional pest exterminator with experience with wood-destroying insect inspections. 

Preserving Wood Beauty: Repairing Damage Caused By WDI

Termites and other wood-destroying insects will typically live inside the wood they are consuming; this means that on the surface, you may only see a hole or two in the wooden surface. However, if you were to look inside the wood, you would see several long and elaborate tunnel systems. As the colony grows, the wood will become more hollow. 

Wood that is damaged by insects is not only unattractive, but it can also lead to more damage in the future. If you have jagged edges or holes in your wood, the entire wooden surface could be more susceptible to water or sun damage. By teaming with our wood repair experts, the damaged wood in your home can look as good as new for years to come. 

Partnering With Experts: Professional Wood Repair For WDI Damage

Because the severity of the damage may not be apparent at first glance, it is best to have a WDI repair specialist fix your damaged wood. 

At The PEST Group, we understand the typical behaviors of all wood-destroying pests. Once we spot even the smallest amount of damage, we know where and how to inspect the surface. If the pests are still in the wood or we see evidence of wood-destroying insects, we will devise an effective elimination plan. Once they are gone, we will go to work replacing and patching any damaged wood. 

Strengthening Wood Resilience: Preventive Measures Beyond WDI Repair

Damaged wood caused by insects is something you should not ignore. Call our professionals at The PEST Group today if you suspect that wood-destroying insects are damaging your property. We know how to get rid of wood-destroying insects and fix any damage they have caused to your Orange County home or property.

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