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Navigating Escrow Inspections In Pompano Beach Like A Pro: Tips And Tricks

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Whether you are an experienced real estate agent or property investor, or you are buying your first property, purchasing a home or business is scary. There are so many factors involved that could lead to a huge loss. For instance, if you buy a home and find out that it has a termite problem after you get it, you could be looking at several thousands of dollars in unexpected repair costs. This is where a Pompano Beach escrow inspection comes in handy.

Today, we are going to be talking about escrow inspections and walking through what this service might look like for you and the property you are looking to purchase. To discuss this service option, call our team at The PEST Group. One of our staff members would be happy to walk you through our process and help you schedule an appointment.  

The Role Of Escrow Inspections In Real Estate

Homes and business buildings come with a lot of secrets. Many older structures have hidden rooms, compartments, and other surprises. Even more common than these things are pest problems. Now, some pests are not an immediate problem and can be dealt with with minimal effort. Others are indications of severe damage and other major issues.

An escrow home inspection or escrow business inspection will help you identify problems before you make a purchase. This could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run. It can also give you the opportunity to reduce the price of the purchase if you don’t mind dealing with the pest problems yourself after buying. All in all, this service puts the power in your hands. 

Common Issues Uncovered In Escrow Inspections

There are certain pests that are more difficult to identify inside homes and businesses. Termites and carpenter ants are great examples of this. These pests chew tunnels through the wood of buildings and cause extensive damage over time. Another difficult-to-identify pest is the bed bug. Bed bugs are also difficult to treat.

If you take advantage of your escrow inspection period before buying, you can identify pests like these. The question is, can a general contractor do a home escrow inspection, or do you need to hire a pest control company? We highly recommend the latter. 

About Our Escrow Inspection Process

Whether we are doing a termite inspection for escrow or a general escrow inspection, our process is relatively the same. Our team utilizes advanced equipment to scan floors, walls, and ceilings for pest activity. We are also highly trained in identifying and spotting various signs of pest infestations. Using our skills and equipment, we will find out exactly what pests are plaguing the home or business building you are trying to purchase.

Hopefully, we won’t find anything. The only way to find out, however, is to invite us out. We will walk you through our process and let you know what we find after we finish. 

Contact Us To Set Up Your Escrow Inspection Today!

Buyer inspections during escrow are so important. If you are considering purchasing a property locally, let us know if you need help. Spending money on this service could save you a lot more in the long run. If there is anything we are passionate about more than providing quality pest control services, it is saving people money. 

Call our team at The PEST Group if you have questions about this service or would like to learn more about our general pest control plans in Pompano Beach. We will talk you through our processes and find a service option that will best meet your needs here in Pompano Beach.

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