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How To Keep Flies Out Of Your Kitchen In Orange County, CA

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Flies are common home-invading pests that exist in most parts of the world. Belonging to the group Diptera, flies are often drawn to filthy conditions such as trash or pet waste and may contaminate food and otherwise spread germs. Some of the most common types of flies that homeowners might encounter include house flies, drain flies, fruit flies, and gnats.

Are flies becoming an overwhelming concern in your Orange County, CA home? Those who achieve the best outcomes with these flying pests usually receive help from a qualified fly exterminator. An experienced Orange County, CA pest control company knows where to find these unwanted creatures and can quickly expel them. 

How Flies Get Into Orange County, CA Homes

Because of their relatively small size, flies may enter homes through small openings such as gaps around exterior doors or damaged window screens. Many types of flies move rapidly and will enter homes through open entry doors. Limiting attractants around the exterior area of the house is critical in keeping flies outside of the structure; therefore, cleaning up thoroughly after picnics or barbecues.

Are you struggling to determine how flies are infiltrating your Orange County, CA home? Contact a professional home fly control provider for assistance with identifying points of entry and expelling any existing flies from the home.  

Five Tips To Reduce Fly Activity In Your Kitchen

Are you looking for answers regarding the most effective ways to prevent flies inside your home? Consider some of these preventative measures:

  1. Promptly repair or replace torn window screens that might allow indoor entry.
  2. Always double-check that entry doors are not ajar.
  3. Keep all trash containing scraps of food in sealed garbage receptacles.
  4. Adopt excellent cleaning habits, such as sweeping up crumbs and wiping up spills.
  5. Never leave dirty dishes or bowls of uneaten pet food out overnight.

These tips effectively minimize the presence of these flying pests; however, once the number of flies inside your home becomes unmanageable, promptly contact a professional for fly control in Orange County, CA.

Other Common Hotspots For Flies In Orange County, CA

Flies in Orange County, CA are often attracted to exterior areas where trash bags or compost piles exist. Remember the importance of promptly removing fallen fruits and pet waste from yard areas.

Once they are indoors, you will find fruit flies in countertop areas near fruits or types of produce. Drain flies often are found in kitchen sinks.

Have you tried a mass-marketed home fly control product that has proven ineffective? Speak with an experienced provider of fly pest control regarding the best treatment options. A local fly control specialist will closely assess the situation and choose a plan of action that gets results.

Helpful Tips To Prevent Flies From Coming Back

Are you looking for a company that provides professional home pest control control in Orange County, CA? Look no further than the experts with The PEST Group. Our qualified staff has many years of experience assisting Orange County, CA property owners with many different types of flying pests. We strive to deliver high-quality results while ensuring safety.

In addition to flies, our team of experienced technicians will help Orange County, CA residents facing concerns involving ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and many other types of bothersome and potentially harmful pests. We now also offer ongoing property protection plans backed by a service guarantee.

Our PESTProtect 365 package includes year-round protection against roughly 25 different types of undesirable pests. Our most comprehensive option, known as the PESTProtect 365 Premier plan, also includes services that target bed bugs, termites, rodents, and more.

For fast solutions to any pest-related problems in Orange County, CA, contact our office for additional information.

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