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Everything Orange County Homeowners Need To Know About Bed Bugs

close up of bed bug

Bed bugs in Orange County are no small matter, though they do tend to stay out of sight. For years, bed bugs have been a nuisance for area homeowners and business owners alike, but advanced control strategies can resolve infestations quickly. 

Consider this article your crash course on bed bugs in the home, covering everything from bed bug identification and common behavior to tangible prevention tips you can start using right away.  

We’ll also touch on the merits of professional bed bug control to round out the discussion, so come along for a brief but useful guide to bed bugs and, more importantly, how you can get rid of them. 

What Are Bed Bugs?

For starters, what do bed bugs look like? From normal distances, it can be difficult to notice bed bugs at all. They’re generally quite small and excel at hiding in plain sight. But photos show that bed bugs are often brown or brownish red in their coloring, and their bodies, much larger than their heads, are a rounded oval shape. 

Bed bugs can also be identified by their behavior. They drink blood, so to speak, in order to get the nutrients they need to survive. Notably, they feed at night, which is why they can be so disruptive to a good night’s sleep.  

This leads us to the effects of bed bugs on the average home and why these effects should be avoided at all costs. 

How Bed Bugs Affect Homes In Orange County

In a general sense, bed bugs make homes unpleasant places to be by biting whoever happens to be inside those homes at night. 

If bed bugs aren’t properly removed, they will continue to feed on any hosts they find inside a given house, leaving the hosts (i.e., you and me) with itchy bites that can easily lead to a lack of sleep. 

Bed bugs don’t spread diseases with their bites, but the bites themselves are nothing to sneeze at, and bites can also increase the risk of infection. 

A fully-fledged bed bug infestation can be expected to cause these problems on a larger scale. An infestation can also be much harder for the average person to remove, at least without any professional assistance.  

Due to these negative effects of bed bugs in the home, homeowners should strive to prevent infestations from developing. 

Bed Bug Prevention 101: How To Protect Your Orange County Home

When it comes to how to prevent bed bugs, there are some fundamental tips that you should turn into habits: 

  • Use door sweeps to reduce the chances of bed bugs entering your home or moving from room to room.  
  • Regularly inspect your furniture, bedding, and curtains for signs of bed bugs, such as eggs or brown stains. 
  • Carefully check anything you’re bringing into your house, especially used furniture or items that have recently been in storage. 
  • Make sure your home is free of clutter since this can give bed bugs places to hide. 
  • Vacuum regularly and keep bedding clean to eliminate any stray bed bugs that make it inside your home.

By keeping to these tips, you can reduce the risk of bed bugs coming into your home and bothering you and your family. 

The Answer To Bed Bug Infestations In Orange County

The ultimate answer to any bed bug threat, no matter how severe, is professional pest control provided by a local company you trust. 

Bed bug control provided by professionals is backed by experience and modern equipment. This streamlines the process of removing existing bed bugs from your home. Professionals can also make recommendations for effective prevention that are based on the specifics of your situation.  

For bed bug services that address the unique needs of your home, we invite you to contact The PEST Group today.

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