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Breathe Easy With Expert Fumigation Services In Orange County: Pest Control Solutions That Work

a fumigation tent

Fumigation can feel like a big deal when it’s actually just another option for pest control. It’s usually reserved for severe infestations, but it just might be the solution you need.

If you have a pest infestation you just can’t solve, consider calling The PEST Group for home fumigation in Orange County. We’ll help you decide if this is the right option for you, and we’ll provide the best fumigation services in the area. 

The Science Behind Fumigation: How It Works To Eliminate Pests

Fumigation is a pest control treatment option that’s best for severe infestations. A pesticide gas is released into an enclosed space during a fumigation treatment. Your home is tented to enclose the gas, which involves using nylon tarps to section off areas of your home. Pesticide gasses can reach all the little nooks and crannies where pests like to hide, which is why they’re more effective than usual treatments.  

Fumigation is an intense process that can take a couple of days. It’s usually considered a last resort option for pest control. So, how do you know if fumigation services are right for your home?

Fumigations Are A Serious Affair: When And Why It’s Necessary 

Two of the most common pests treated with home fumigation are drywood termites and bed bugs. Both of these insects hide out of sight and can be very difficult to treat. Drywood termites cause extensive damage to homes nationwide, including in Orange County. But because termites stay inside wood, it can be hard to know they’re there. By the time signs of infestation are visible, the colony may be too large to treat normally. 

Bed bugs are also notorious hiders. They’re small and can fit into tiny spaces and spread into a house. Bed bugs are resistant to many potential pest control methods, but every single bug needs to be taken care of so the infestation doesn’t bounce back. Bed bug fumigation is sometimes necessary simply because regular treatments aren’t as effective. 

Fumigation allows a pesticide to reach every area of a building, designed to kill even the most formidable pests. If your home has a termite, bed bug, or other infestation that just can’t be kicked with regular pest control methods, fumigation may be your best option. 

About The Fumigation Process: What To Expect

The fumigation process can vary a little based on your situation and needs, but you can generally expect the following steps:

  1. An inspection: The PEST Group will send a pest management professional to your home. They will look for evidence of pests and discuss what you’ve noticed around your home.
  2. You’ll prepare your home: Your pest management professional will provide a checklist of items to prepare or remove from your house and ask you to remove plants and animals during the fumigation process.
  3. The treatment: Fumigation will likely be a two to three-day process, during which you will be out of the house. We will apply the gas treatment in all areas of your home.
  4. You return home: Once the fumigation is complete, you and your family can return safely. Your pest management professional can perform a residual spray if needed, but you won’t need any follow-up treatments.

Fumigation is a thorough process designed to eradicate pest infestations. It might seem like a lot, but it's worth it if your home needs it. 

Expert Fumigation Services: Eradicating Pests With Precision And Care

The PEST Group is the top provider of fumigation services in Orange County. As a pest control company, we pride ourselves on using research-based, effective treatment methods. If we recommend fumigation, you know you’re getting the best advice. 

You shouldn’t waste time and money on treatments that won’t get rid of the pests. Instead, find the best fumigation services near you: The PEST Group. Call today to learn more about how we get rid of pests for good.

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