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Are Spiders In Orange County, CA Dangerous?

a spider hanging on its web

When you think about spiders, what comes to mind? Many people consider how dangerous these pests might be and the pain associated with their bites. We are here today with some good and bad news. The good news is that most spiders in Orange County, CA are not dangerous. The bad news is that some are, and they might want to invade your home.

Here is how you should deal with dangerous spiders in Orange County, CA and how to minimize your risk of an infestation. Call our team at The PEST Group for a quick and effective answer to these pests. We will show you what local spider control is supposed to look like and schedule an Orange County, CA home pest control appointment for your home and property. 

Types Of Spiders Found Around Orange County, CA

Orange County, CA is a diverse place in many ways. Even the spiders are diverse. Some of the most common species in our area include wolf spiders, orb-weaver spiders, house spiders, brown recluse spiders, daddy longlegs, and black widow spiders. All of these pests fall into one of two categories; web spiders or ground spiders.

Web spiders weave all sorts of webs, sometimes high, sometimes low. They use these webs to catch their prey. Ground spiders use a different method to hunt. They creep along the ground and quickly tackle unsuspecting insects or other creatures close to their size. If you would like help with spider identification inside or around your home, bring in our team for a quick inspection. We will find out what pests you are dealing with and if they pose a threat to your health. 

Are The Spiders In Orange County, CA Dangerous?

There are lots of harmless spiders here in Orange County, CA. This includes those that can bite but do not have potent venom. The truly dangerous spiders are the black widow and the brown recluse. A black widow has a neurological venom that causes extreme discomfort and pain. Symptoms from a bite can last for several days.

The same is true for the brown recluse bite. The venom from this pest is necrotic. Untreated bites can result in severe damage to the surrounding skin. If one of these pests ever bites you, seek medical attention. 

How To Minimize Spiders Around Your Orange County, CA Home

Getting rid of spiders can be a big hassle. If you are looking for a way to reduce the populations of these pests inside and around your home, here are some spider prevention tips and tricks to consider.

  • Fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior.
  • Make sure all of your exterior windows and doors are in good working condition.
  • Replace damaged window and door screens.
  • Keep all unscreened windows and doors closed when you are not using them. 
  • Clean up clutter and do your best to address messes as they occur inside your home.

Bring in our team at The PEST Group if you want effective and professional pest control in Orange County, CA.

The Solution To Spider Control In Orange County, CA

Would you like to avoid spiders in Orange County, CA? Then you need professional local spider control. Our staff at The PEST Group have training to deal with any and all pest problems you might be up against. This includes dangerous and annoying spiders.

All you need to do is invite us over for an inspection and treatment. We will take care of the details and give these arachnids the boot. Reach out to our team at The PEST Group now to find out more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Orange County, CA.

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