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Maintaining An Ant-Free Environment: Tips And Tricks For Tampa Homeowners

ants crawling on an peanut butter and jelly sandwich

The ants that invade Tampa homes are usually workers looking for food and water to supply their colonies. They enter through tiny cracks and holes in your exterior, infesting kitchens and bathrooms. Most species are no more than nuisances, but some can cause damage. Regardless of their threats, you want to keep them away.

The best way to prevent problems is to deter ants from invading your house. However, you'll need professional ant control in Tampa when they get inside. Read on to learn more about ants, how to deter them, and how the experts at The PEST Group can help.

What Attracts Ants To Tampa Properties?

Most types of ants enter homes for food and water to supply their colony. They enter through tiny spaces in your exterior and leave a chemical behind, leading others to these sources. These insects will continue invading your home if they can find nourishment.

Ants don't need much for a successful trip because small crumbs and spills are enough to feed others in the nest. Some of the items that attract ants to Tampa properties include:

  • Crumbs

  • Spills

  • Leaks

  • Garbage

These intruders are experts at finding tiny cracks and gaps you might not recognize. Their ability to sneak through these spaces means your home is vulnerable to infestations as long as attractants remain. 

Factors That Deter Ants

Sealing entry points that provide access to ants is challenging, so the best way to prevent ant infestations is to deter them from invading. These pests can make their way behind walls and appliances when attracted by water sources in those areas. While these issues are difficult to control, some ant prevention tips can deter them, including:

  • Address moisture issues.

  • Clean the surfaces of your home.

  • Properly store food and trash.

  • Keep wood away from your exterior walls.

Limiting the crumbs and moisture in your home makes it less attractive to ants, but some might still invade your house for these necessities. Since these pests will threaten your house as long as sources remain, you'll need professionals to control an infestation.

Why Prevention Is Critical To Successful Ant Control

Many Tampa residents wait until they see ants in their homes to take action. While some immediately call pest control services, others think wiping away the insects will end the infestation. Unfortunately, eliminating the ants inside your home won't solve your problem.

Regardless of your response, ants will continue invading your house if they find food and water. For this reason, prevention is essential for effective ant control. Additional reasons why prevention is necessary for these pests include:

  • Ants can fit into tiny spaces.

  • Ants leave pheromones for others to follow.

  • Some ants can damage your structure.

When you find these tiny insects in your house, you won't be able to get rid of them on your own. Their colonies number in the thousands, so they'll keep entering no matter how many you eradicate. Fortunately, professionals have the tools and products to address the nest and end the threat.

The Secret To The Best Ant Control For Your Home

DIY (do-it-yourself) ant control is often ineffective and potentially dangerous. Removing those in your house won't end your infestation, and over-the-counter products won't get to the source of your problem. The only way to ensure ants are no longer a threat to your home is to call the professionals with the tools and knowledge to protect your property.

Our ant removal experts at The PEST Group will inspect your house for attractants and vulnerable areas. We'll treat the nests, windows, and doors, placing bait around pipes and under sinks. Our techniques involve a combination of products, and we'll return 15 days after our initial service to recheck your home for problems. Give us a call to protect your Tampa home from ants.